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  1. Are 2 doors out there yet?

    Looks so good topless!
  2. Installed Katzkin custom leather seat covers in Big Bend interior

    Some makes still use them. Most Fords nowadays have plastic clips embedded in the foam that the listings sewn onto the covers clip in to. That and velcro The seats are the same, but there are minor differences between trims. Broncos with factory leather have a rear armrest, cloth ones do not...
  3. Bestop site now showing 2021 Bronco Top Options

    What I’m curious to know, after watching TFLs video on the Bestop installation, is how much of the extra parts would need to be removed in order to put the hardtop back on. I know it wouldn’t take long to unbolt them and I’d only swap tops twice a year but there seems to be a lot of little parts...
  4. Installed Katzkin custom leather seat covers in Big Bend interior

    As far as I know Katzkin does not have any product similar to Fords MGV. (I work at an upholstery shop and Katzkin is one of our suppliers) You may be referring to their XT leather which is marketed as being thicker and more durable than their standard leather, but is currently limited to only 3...
  5. Dealer demo impressions. (Stoked)

    Trail turn assist comes with the auto trans, it’s not limited to certain trims. Your Bronco won’t have it being a manual.
  6. Ordering Ford Performance parts in Canada?

    I’m looking into purchasing an ARB CKMP-12 portable air compressor. Since Ford is giving me $500 to use towards accessories or service I figured it’d make sense to order the compressor through Ford performance instead and use that cash towards it. (Part no. M-1830-FPAC) Would I simply go to my...
  7. Ford will start shipping new MIC hardtops, Broncos this week! 🚛

    I was originally hoping for late October delivery at the earliest when they first announced the replacements. Looks like it could be sooner for my Dirt Mountainer.
  8. Jeep origins... Ford?

    Wasn’t the seven slot grille that Jeep loves to flaunt originally designed by Ford too?
  9. INTERESTING! My MIC Wildtrak is being built Friday the 10th!

    Any built or delivered units are supposed to get the new tops first.
  10. Front License Plate Holder relocation!

    Are there many people in Kelowna driving without a front plate? I only ask because I remember reading an article about people trying to get rid of the front plate requirement in BC and seem to recall something about Kelowna having a high number of people doing that. I was hoping to get away...
  11. What mods do you have waiting on your Broncos?

    Same here just minor things. Stubby antenna Cargo mat Fender script badges Will probably have a portable air compressor by the time my Bronco shows up. Might order hood struts too. Also looking at fog light options for mod bumper
  12. Email from Ford and I'm in Canada! $750 off purchase price!

    I got this one too. $500 for accessories or service.
  13. 2021 Bronco – 5 Door Hard Top Models – Poor Sirius XM Satellite Radio ReceptionAnd/Or Signal Loss In Rural Areas

    Are you Siriusly asking that? Lol I like it because there’s no commercials, all the FM stations in my area suck and play too many commercials or garbage I don’t want to listen to. Even though I only use 3 or 4 XM channels it’s still nice to have if I don’t feel like playing music off my phone.
  14. Paint Run

    So your doors are having a patio party and one of them wanted to show off their birth mark :ROFLMAO:
  15. My wife and I are planning to make our Bronco our only vehicle. My wife is only 4’11”. Does anyone think this will be an issue, reaching pedals..etc

    Many new vehicles have seat track position sensors that won’t deploy the airbag if somebody is sitting too close. Unless it’s an extremely severe impact then it’ll deploy no matter what.
  16. '21 ManSquatch / SelfSquatch Black Diamond Build

    Damn that looks good! Something I might do down the road, lift and bigger tires on my 2 door BD. Probably won’t right away, just enjoy it and see what it can do bone stock. Lucky you got yours already (y)
  17. Mod #1 Srsly Ford. Mounted front license plate by drilling front bumper

    I’m from BC too and just not going to mount a front plate. We get so many Alberta drivers here who don’t need a front plate so I don’t think you’d stand out without one on.
  18. Curious Why it Seems so Many People Want a Manual Trans?

    Because in their hearts they want a manual, but sadly people like to make “educated” decisions with their minds when buying cars. Same reason why our roads are filled with boring cookie cutter crossovers painted one of three colours. People worry too much about economy, practicality, seating...
  19. Livestream to discuss tops at 5:00 Eastern today!

    Would be nice to know: -how many MIC top Broncos have been delivered -how many MIC Broncos are built and sitting at MAP -how many of the new MIC tops they expect to be made per day Then we can get an idea of how long it’s gonna take them to get through them all. “October” is vague at best. If...