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  1. Antimatter Blue Bronco in Granger!

    $6,000 wheels, tires, lift and fender flare group special!
  2. 4 Door Big Bend Mannequin arrived!

    Had a few more Bronco Show up today! Super excited to see these things coming in slowly! We had to line them up with our 2 for a cool photo!
  3. 4 Door Big Bend Mannequin arrived!

    Yeah I’m not sure why they are not letting people drive it. My guess, they want to keep the miles at very low so they can sell it on 6 months.
  4. 4 Door Big Bend Mannequin arrived!

    Had 2 more Bronco's Deliver for some customers! Super excited to finally see these trickling in!
  5. ADM is now a Ford problem

    Mark up on any vehicle, especially a mass produced one, is unethical and we do not ever charge any mark up. It sucks, but what can we do about it.
  6. Can I convert my FE reservation today?

    Unfortunately it is too late to convert an order from what I am being told.
  7. Antimatter Blue Bronco in Granger!

    I can't speak for it as I did not drive this one, it was the customers personal vehicle.
  8. Antimatter Blue Bronco in Granger!

    I am not sure, he bought it from a dealer in Texas. I just got off the phone with them a bit ago and ordered their Front bumper kit but did not get any information on A rack.
  9. Antimatter Blue Bronco in Granger!

    Check this out everyone! A gentlemen in the group picked up the Big Bend that was available in Texas and brought it home to Iowa! The dealership he bought it from ended up doing a similar set up to our Big Bend. Wheels, tires, Leveling kit from 4WP and also they do the Bumpers with a Winch...
  10. Granger Bronco Mural

    At this time, we do not have a charity picked out for a donation.
  11. Granger Bronco Mural

    Mural Highlights Career of Albert Schmitz GRANGER, IOWA — July 21, 2021 –– Granger Motors introduces a new mural, One More Ride (B345T), by local artist Ben Schuh. The mural was developed to highlight the 25-year career of Albert Schmitz and his passion for the latest Ford to hit the market...
  12. Granger Ford

    Granger Fan Club - Broncotown, USA

    We are trying our best to stay out of the shipping on the Broncos since it can get messy for us shipping so many vehicles. One thing you may try is see if anyone in your area is getting their Bronco around the same time and you guys may be able to use the same transport company?
  13. Granger Ford - Jay is now @grangerford

    Yes I am sure we can figure something out!
  14. Granger Ford - Jay is now @grangerford

    Yes of course! I would hope by the time you get yours, we have a few sets on hand and ready for folks to purchase/trade.
  15. Granger Ford - Jay is now @grangerford

    I’m always down for making a vehicle one off and your own!
  16. Granger Ford - Jay is now @grangerford

    Like I said, I will take them as a donation haha.
  17. Granger Ford - Jay is now @grangerford

    The set is yours to keep! If you would like to give us a nice donation of wheels, we will kindly accept 😂 . If I have someone trade in a set, I will definitely post on here if anyone has interest in them.
  18. Granger Ford - Jay is now @grangerford

    Yes we can do that! Yes you qualify for that price!
  19. Bronco Level Package by Granger

    Hello all! After talking a bit with Zach, we have come to terms on pricing for the lift (4WP level) , wheels (Black Rhino) and tire package. Of course we will have some choices when its comes to what tires you want. I understand not everyone likes an M/T or an A/T. The package will be priced...
  20. Granger Ford - Jay is now @grangerford

    As far as I understand, a lift will not effect warranty.