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  1. Took delivery of a big bend bronco today!!!

    Nice, congrats! MN here too.
  2. MIC Top 2.0 First Look? [Speculation]

    ... and wax. :ROFLMAO:
  3. Talk me out of (or into) a Gladiator Mojave

    If I changed my mind and got something else to replace the Bronco because I couldn't wait, I'd kick myself every time I saw one, and would regret it forever. So I'll wait patiently.
  4. How to not get burned by your dealer

    You say you're from the New England area? Look up threads: @DealerInsider Chapman Ford of Horsham in Pennsylvania See what they can do for you. Edit: Hope you can get your $1000 back if you change dealers.
  5. [Updated With Outcome in Part 2 Video] Dealer marks up former employee's Bronco by $10k

    Howdy. I think someone mentioned this before, if the dealership goes away, where do you get your warranty work done? Or where do you take your Tesla for warranty repairs, etc? Thanks.
  6. [Updated With Outcome in Part 2 Video] Dealer marks up former employee's Bronco by $10k

    Going with Granger is more than just saving money. It's the peace of mind, being able to sleep at night, not stressing all day, up-tick in blood pressure, wondering if your dealer's gonna screw you over. It looks like the nightmare stories have people worried. That's a lot of hand wringing...
  7. LAX to Glacier Park in Two Door

    What day of the week are you going into Zion? Was just there little over a month ago, went on a Wed and Thu, entered through the East entrance and found parking by the visitor center no problem. Glacier is on my bucket list. I'm jealous of your 2-dr. Have a great and safe trip. Zion Bryce...
  8. Imogene Pass

    Great scenery. How long did it take you? Nice you got a blue ribbon at the end. ;)
  9. Bronco Super Celebration West Highlights?!?!?

    Thanks for the pics Ashley. Awesome = if Ford brought back the Bronco retro colors!
  10. Where to mount a gun safe? [Admin Warning: NO POLITICS]

    This vault type safe is better than nothing. But is there enough of a gap around that door to fit in a pry-bar?
  11. Well, this Bronco accident sucks for someone

    Hope everyone is ok. Best case scenario is it's a mannequin out on a test drive.
  12. Iowa Cactus 🌵 at Granger

    Too funny. I'm a Bronco6g poster, I'm over 50, I have cargo shorts, I have new balance shoes. But I draw the line at high socks. :ROFLMAO:
  13. Where to mount a gun safe? [Admin Warning: NO POLITICS]

    May I ask how you resolved the long gun issue please?
  14. Who's ready to tap out?

    I hear ya. I started at Base then ended up ordering a Badlands. $10k more than I budgeted.
  15. Who's ready to tap out?

    Giving my current car to my dad, which leaves me with nothing. So I picked up a Bronco Sport Big Bend. Dealer replaced stock tires with Falken Wildpeak A/T3W 245/65r17's, no lift. I can't really hear road noise but can feel there are more aggressive tires on her. Four and half hour drive home...
  16. Cyber Orange - Yay or Nay?

    2-dr Badlands, still all in on Cyber Orange, whenever it gets built.
  17. Hammock swag gift thread

    Received my hammock via fed ex today. Just put it with my other Bronco stuff, waiting for my build date. Hope Ford gets the bugs resolved before building mine. Getting a Bronco Sport Big Bend in the meantime to bridge the gap.
  18. First Edition Broncos w/ MIC hard tops start to schedule again with mid-October production estimate

    Lovin' that brown pickup in the background! :love: Can't quite make out what it is. Edit: Bronco?