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  1. To Buy The Towing Capability Package or Not?

    like a new order or modifying existing? if it is new who know what constraints will look like by the time you are picked. get what you want/need. if you want it wired (i.e. tow) i would have it done stock, if you just want a hitch for a bike or something do aftermarket.
  2. 2023 Ranger Interior and Infotainment Screen First Look

    i like the paint, eruption zebra?
  3. Another Bronco needing replacement engine? [Speculation for now]

    not the engine, just production in general. sometimes qc or builds fail during the process.
  4. PSA/help needed (moth infestation!)

    horse dewormer, miracle cure
  5. Video: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly after 1000 miles

    yea, no. not watching a loud guy scream about a vehicle for 17 minutes. worse than a forced slide deck on a website...
  6. Another Bronco needing replacement engine? [Speculation for now]

    ahh, social media speculation. my favorite. because from the tow we can establish needs new engine. easy diag. even if it did this happens with everything, sometimes there is an issue with new things.
  7. 2022 Model Year Bronco Order Primer

    Any idea when the order guide/22 options will be available?
  8. Last Chance for MY 21

    do you have a fe on order or a vin? if yes then 21, if no 22
  9. Now that MIC 2.0 is a go, what are the VINless doing?

    pretty sure they said that they will open up september order bank for january build moving forward. only thing getting produced until then are fe or ones that are in the pipe waiting for a mic. odds are if you have no vin you wont get one until january at the earliest.
  10. Next Generation Ford Ranger Official Teaser Video

    going to preorder and see if it beats my early res bronco lightning-[] VS ranger[] VS bronco ------[]
  11. Weird question - MIC tops being returned

    like anything else: if the salvage cost (shipping, breakdown, etc.) is lower then new then they will savage. otherwise destroy, you don't want faulty mic in the wild. looks bad for the brand and a warranty tracking nightmare.
  12. For those who were kicked to MY'22 and have to re-order:

    My understanding too. When you reserved (preordered) you are required to pick a dealer. I think the only way to change dealers is call Ford before you order. If you ordered (for example 3/19 deadline) this is your dealer lock. You ordered through them, there is no way to change dealers post...
  13. 2021 Bronco B&O Sound System Review

    My problem isn't B&O, it's the cost to get there keeping things you want (MGV, etc.). Would be perfect for me. Can't get it in BD or lower. Let's jump up to a BL High for 7k. Wait, B&O is in Lux. Add another 2300. So if you value B&O you're adding 10k, and I'll be honest, nothing in Lux...
  14. Model Change allowed on my 2021 Bronco 2-door reservation that was pushed to 2022?

    My dealer gave me some clarity on this the other day. Nothing official from Ford but basically the following: Price protection is for what you have ordered. That's it. Change model, add SAS, change engine the price isn't protected. They are not anticipating a major jump in prices. You may...
  15. Build delays, chip shortages, and why you should absolutely not pay MSRP for your delayed vehicle

    yes, that is how it works. i will be sure to let my dealer know. high demand + global shortages = discount for waiting.
  16. Black Diamond Picked up, First Ride

    the non-sas bd looks the best! balanced og look and feel.
  17. Tip: Turning off auto-start-stop - keep Sport Mode on

    yea, my dealer is great too. would be worried some diag they run says software was modified and corp ties their hands
  18. Tip: Turning off auto-start-stop - keep Sport Mode on

    warranty concerns. dealer can claim forscan changes impacted issue and decline claims. you can always flash back before service but you can also make a mistake and cause damage too
  19. '22 Price Protection - but in the other direction?

    price protection is only for what you have ordered. changes to your order will likely incur a price increase from what was listed. demand is so high there will be no discounted msrp. historically inflation and prices go up over time; in the last 10 years new vehicles went up 4% with inflation...
  20. NO Compensation for wait.

    original announcement below. nothing close to producing a year ago. so mainstream prod was supposed to start in june, now january. and note they are producing, just fe and select early res. preorders opened: July 14, 2020 once you preordered they stated early 2021 they will be able to...