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  1. MAD MAX auction lots...maybe I should pick up a ride while I wait for my 2DR!

    Considering you have to buy all of them... "If you have to ask, you can't afford it" :ROFLMAO:
  2. MAD MAX auction lots...maybe I should pick up a ride while I wait for my 2DR!

    There are some fun rides in here... Auction is Sept. 26th There are a few of those I could see driving (the Jag Flamer was a favorite), but honestly I'd LOVE to ride on top of the Doof Wagon.
  3. AMA: I'm sitting outside Bronco Dirt Mountain

    Any chance of doing a drive-by pic/video of the outer ring of trucks for those of us with too much time on our hands who want to try to compare which ones may have moved since the last pics we have saved? Also, which shirt are you wearing today? 😎
  4. 🙌 MIC Top 2.0 equipped Bronco delivered from Dirt Mountain!

    ✨ Glad to hear there's some escape! *goes back to wearing her "I Want to Believe Two Door Bronco" shirt..*
  5. cazimi

    Bronco Gals

    Update: I'm improving enough that I should be comfortable driving Ripley once she's got her top on and is freed from Dirt Mountain! Also, my co-workers surprised me with a get-well gift...a model Bronco! :D
  6. New Hampshire Bronco Off-Roadeo Newbie Experience

    I read the responses and took away that tipping is not expected/required, but if you press them to accept a tip they may. Some participants have tipped. YMMV.
  7. New Hampshire Bronco Off-Roadeo Newbie Experience

    Thread on that very topic here.
  8. "Dirt mountain" Bronco storage lot - video & pics from today

    Being a soft top, I don't know if FIFO holds here...maybe it's "we were able to fix that QA issue" instead. In any case, it's good to hear of a Dirt Mountain escapee!
  9. "Dirt mountain" Bronco storage lot - video & pics from today

    Ok...that settles it. I am going to have to get this selfie at Devil's Tower. You see, when I was a kid and "Close Encounters" came out, my mom decided we NEEDED to visit Devil's Tower and an epic cross-country summer vacation followed. My parents are now no longer here but they would both LOVE...
  10. "Dirt mountain" Bronco storage lot - video & pics from today

    You answered my question! I have that panoramic shot as my desktop background, and sometimes when I get bored, or sad, or lonely, I play "Where's Ripley?" and look for my Bronco... 😂 😭
  11. cazimi

    Bronco Gals

    Fantastic! Now go get her dirty! :D
  12. 🛠 8/2 build Week Thread

    Thanks; a cache issue tripped me up and I can get to it. Looks like I've gotten it straightened out now. Funny how I'm looking for any little change, even though I know (rationally) there won't be any change for me for at least another month.
  13. 🛠 8/2 build Week Thread

    Thanks for the heads up on the ?vin= versus ?token= on the url. I'd bookmarked the Ford url and just refreshed it occasionally; that's where the image came from. I subbed in "token" and got this: Different message, and not sure where to "get" a new version, since my dealer isn't where I got...
  14. 🛠 8/2 build Week Thread

    So I know my build is a Dirt Mountain special, but now my window sticker is not longer populating (all I get is the generic image below). I had a sticker before, and I still see modules populated on that link and "built" on the pizza tracker and that API. Not sure who else is having...
  15. New Hampshire Bronco Off-Rodeo Report

    Thanks for the review! I am SO looking forward to this in October (for my birthday present, no less!).
  16. Your Favorite Bronco Pic?

    So, back in the spring, before scheduling emails and VINs and everything, I dropped "my" Bronco on Mars, "just because". Who knew I'd end up on Dirt Mountain?? (I still think it would do pretty well on that terrain...)
  17. cazimi

    Bronco Gals

    @Texas Sunshine I hear you on the trading and waiting game! Unfortunately my old beater won't gain any value but it does still run (knock on wood) and that's all I need in the short term. We'll just have to see what happens, and when. Have fun in that Maverick!
  18. Ditch your Fridge Magnets - Adhesive backed Heritage Bronco Fender Badges by BroncoDepotUSA

    Mine arrived! (unlike my Bronco...) Beautiful quality, and I know where my $$ went. Thanks so much for producing these, and I'll be watching your shop for more goodies.
  19. cazimi

    Bronco Gals

    So my bad news...might be sort of good news? I'm one of the Dirt Mountain gang, with a 2-door built on 8/2, so likely not seeing a new top until late October. Bummer, right? Except, I just got diagnosed with Bell's palsy, and have to patch one eye right now. I am totally not comfortable...
  20. Ditch your Fridge Magnets - Adhesive backed Heritage Bronco Fender Badges by BroncoDepotUSA

    Got my matte black set for my dirt pile build. Gotta keep the dream alive!