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  1. Rainy day in Utah desrt

    Hey, man! We're a team now! You're stuck with me. BTW, I brought back a flat of those peaches, a honeydew, and a watermelon and I was a hero when I got home. The girls want to go next year just for the fruit. My daughter asked when I was going back to CO to get more palisade peaches! Haha!
  2. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Good grief, I just rechecked and still nothing? FWIW, mine had pretty significant damage on the back. Looks like it came off the assembly line with it. I'm working with the dealer to get scheduled for a trip to the body shop to get it all fixed. It actually looks like the swing gate was bent...
  3. Rainy day in Utah desrt

    Any word on your bronco? I'm still following the 7/19 thread but haven't seen an update. I really hope it's arrived or on the way.
  4. Couldn't wait for my build any longer. Managed to snag a 4 door Badlands off the lot.

    That is gorgeous and your dog is absolutely adorable! The optional wheels look fantastic!
  5. Off Road driving impressions of the Bronco after attending the Las Vegas Off Roadeo

    Fantastic review! I pretty much agree with everything. I'm highlighting this part. I used this doing the descent on the Leadville side of Mosquito Pass a couple of weeks ago. I just set the bronco in Manual 1, left the transfer case in 4L and the stabar disconnected, and rolled down the hill...
  6. Rainy day in Utah desrt

    That thought occurred to me. I think if I were going bigger than 35s, I'd miss the 4.7, but I ran the 35 MT/R on my Jeep with 4.11 axles and that underpowered Pentastar before and it was fine, so the 4.46 axle seems good to me. Jeep's running a 4.56 on their "Extreme Recon," so it's pretty...
  7. Rainy day in Utah desrt

    I also went to the aftermarket metal fender flares, which gives me a little extra clearance. When I was at Super Celebration, Vaughn Gittin Jr. suggested I had plenty of room to run 17x9 wheels with 0 offset and 35s and it should work fine. I'm using a +10 offset wheel and the tires come just...
  8. Rainy day in Utah desrt

    Great question, actually! I had the ARB compressor since around 2015-2016 and used it a lot on my JK in Washington when I lived up there. I also had some recovery gear that I didn't sell with my Jeep, straps and the like. I added a couple of new hard shackles (orange, to match the badlands)...
  9. 2500 miles in and the check engine light already popped on - any advice on shutting it off? (2021 Bronco Big Bend)

    Seriously, yes, take it to the fast lane service at your dealer. They can check the code, verify if anything is wrong, and reset it if nothing is the problem. If it is a problem, they can fix it. It should be free under warranty. That's more peace of mind than just resetting the code. And...
  10. Rainy day in Utah desrt

    Wanted to get some alone time yesterday so went out via Pony Express route to Wendover NV. Worst part of the trip was taking I80 back, heavy winds, Amazon semi went off the road into the center median strip, so if your prime package is late, well... I've moved up to 315/70/17 Goodyear...
  11. 4WP coilovers - feedback / review?

    I agree, what you're saying doesn't equate to my experience with my Badlands... I am coming from a 2019 Ram with the self-leveling air suspension and while the Badlands is slightly more rough than that on road, going over rocks and doing high speed runs in the desert has been pretty smooth. On...
  12. Well, this Bronco accident sucks for someone

    It doesn't really look that bad. I suspect that could be repaired. I doubt the frame was bent and those panels should be able to be put back right. I choose to believe that one's fixable with a proper mallet. Probably could drive it around without the front left quarter panel and hood while...
  13. Addictive Desert Designs (ADD) Bronco Front & Rear Bumpers

    I saw the Maxlider and Fun Havers front bumpers last week at Super Cel West. Both have ACC. Maxlider figures theirs will start around $3900. Maxlider: Fun Haver:
  14. Ford Bronco Accessory / Parts Deal -- B6G Forum Members ONLY

    Just wanted to note you guys - I ordered today! Forgot to enter my info into the order so I mailed the e-mail address listed with it. Sorry, just got so excited I couldn't hold myself! Really appreciate what you guys are doing!
  15. Took delivery of my 4 door Badlands today! Transformed immediately with Fuel wheels + Nitto Trail Grapplers 35's

    Oh, BTW... Vaughn Gittin Jr. looked at mine and said, "I'd run 35s on a 9" wheel with zero offset and it should be fine." I have the Ford Accessories metal flares, though, so quite a bit more room. I'm also waiting on the Zone Offroads leveling kit, whenever it comes. :)
  16. Took delivery of my 4 door Badlands today! Transformed immediately with Fuel wheels + Nitto Trail Grapplers 35's

    A few takeaways from Bronco Super Celebration last week. Fun Havers say their lift will be available as soon as Fox gets their stuff out. TC Customs had some rubbing issues running 37s with the 2" spacer lift. Like highlarious levels of rubbing off road. :) I got up in the Fun Haver rig...
  17. Should I trade my Jeep for the Bronco? – Justin B. McBride

    I kind of agree with a lot of what he said. I'm good with the soft top and it doesn't bother me a bit. Badlands is the right Bronco for me. I'm not an Outer Banks person. I totally get it. I don't have a problem with the soft top. I do notice some noise when I go through some of the crazy...
  18. MAJOR MECHANICAL Failures . . more than 1% ? . . 2% ?? . . How Bad Is It ?? -- [Running Log]

    OK, so the question comes down to how do we do that? When there's something wrong, if we work through the dealer system that we're given and we report it under the warranty, Ford learns what is getting replaced in the field and then they release TSBs and, if necessary, recalls and campaigns...
  19. Bronco Super Celebration West Highlights?!?!?

    In this video, at 2:21, the slow Bronco they're talking about was me riding with Mark Stahl! If they only knew! :)