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  1. Front license plate mount location closeup pic

    Make sure dealer doesn't install so you won't get unnecessary holes.
  2. Window Sticker

    My tracker reads owner registration vs. window sticker, did yours change from Owner registration to window sticker? My build date reads 10/11 and have a VIN #
  3. First impression of my SAS Badlands

    My wife has it in her car and we live in Texas and I had to have it so bought the Lux. When you get to my age the cold hurts when driving in winter.
  4. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    So we be SHEEP? LOL
  5. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    Of course it was, I'm a big dummy as I just noticed today. Thanks for keeping me real.
  6. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    You've given me hope, on tracker my sticker number showed up yesterday but no sticker.
  7. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    WOW, congrats. How long have you been on the 10/11 list? Do you think this means more stickers to be released for 10/11 group?
  8. How Should Ford Handle Discounted Accessory Hard Tops?

    I always wanted soft top and can wait for White painted hard top to go with my AMB color. I always wanted soft top and can wait for White painted hard top to go with my AMB color.
  9. Sturdy prop for soft top back window (to drive with back window raised)?

    One option you may want to consider is tie the prop down to tie down on floor in back of bronco when in open position. I would think this would hold in place if tied taught.
  10. Hood Struts Kit For 2021 Bronco (Available August 1st from Redline Tuning)

    Right. How do you hide side steps from you wife? Little stuff no problem.
  11. Hammock swag gift thread

    Thanks for the laugh.
  12. Anyone ever heard this one?

    May I ask for link to this ad?
  13. Rear door table accessory

    I test drove a BD yesterday that had the table accessory installed, I thought I wanted one until the very loud rattling started. Has anyone come up with solution? You could hear the rattle above top down noise.
  14. Dealer - "you have a build in 2 weeks, you might get your bronco next year"

    I was told at my dealer yesterday with a build week of 10/11/21 it would be Nov/Dec delivery. When you give them your check make sure they don't bump your price for the lost commission they would've gotten on load, basically know your amount before they understand you're paying cash. Best of...
  15. Custom painted MIC top on Velocity Blue Bronco (custom by dealer)

    Did it come out smooth? I assumed it would be rough like the MIC top I've seen in pictures.
  16. September 6 Build week This email came this morning!

    Did you get a "Scheduled for Production" email?
  17. Factory blacked out Bronco emblems and logos?

    Do you have a part number for the blacked out chrome from Ford? The Plastic dip looks cheap IMHO.