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  1. Pictures from Bronco Super Celebration West!

    I'll have to ping my buddy. He took a ton of photos - I took none. Will let you know what I hear back...
  2. Reservation disappeared on

    It's down again, and it looks like they shut the back door on the old ID workaround.
  3. My order non sas vs sas timetable

    It will be interesting to see how Ford adheres to their price protection for MY21 reservation holders who have been bumped to MY22. The B&P will have to reflect the new, higher prices for new buyers, right? So I guess the dealerships will make the adjustment to the MY21, original pricing on the...
  4. Change to badland or stick with my outer banks?

    That looks great. For me, it's going to come down to "whatever clashes the least with the exterior, which is going to show through on the 2-door door panels." Since Ford snatched away my preferred AMB, I'm leaning toward VB, which will match the grab handles and stitching on the roast...
  5. Change to badland or stick with my outer banks?

    And if you're still on the fence, check out The Definitive Guide to 2021+ Bronco Ride & Lift Heights with Wheel & Tire Sizes for the tire/wheel/suspension differences between a non-Squatched BL and a Squatched OBX.
  6. Change to badland or stick with my outer banks?

    I saw the blue and silver dash at Super Cel (the Bestop people had an OBX sitting there with the navy cloth interior) and it looked super sharp. Haven't seen the bronze dash, but I imagine it would be just as nice.
  7. Change to badland or stick with my outer banks?

    A Sasquatched OBX and non-Sasquatched Badlands, similarly equipped, are very close in price (within 20 bucks?), especially if you add the modular bumper and aux switches to the OBX and the step to the BL, to even them out functionally. The main differences I see are as follows: OBX: Cloth...
  8. The New Bronco Wave

    ^^^ Me taking my Outer Banks to the mall...the long way.
  9. Birthday Bronco Bashin!!

    Happy birthday! Looks like a great day out. Nice soundtrack, too. Not too loud or annoying.
  10. Memorial and Remembrance fund for Jon @elmystico

    Aw, that's great. Thanks for doing this, William. I sure miss Jon in our chats. I still expect him to weigh in from time to time, then I remember, "Oh, crap." Same with Albert. It's been a hard year.
  11. Lifted OBX mud stuck from the jump. Black diamond says- hold my beer!

    Yep, me too. Most of the comparisons I've seen focus on the basic trims, and in that respect, the OBX looks inferior. However, they never mention that it's the lowest priced trim Ford offers that allows you to add a high package and non-Sas 4A. Those items would be extremely expensive to add...
  12. Bronco YouTube channels

    Lots of content creators on this site, including myself. Yeah, it's hard work, but it's a choice we make. We don't have to do it - we can take some crappy office job and avoid the public scrutiny that comes with putting one's self "out there." Everyone who makes that choice gets plenty of...
  13. Lifted OBX mud stuck from the jump. Black diamond says- hold my beer!

    Aw, OK. So the videos are more for entertainment purposes than educational. I get it, and that's cool. Not my thing, I guess. I'm kind of a knowledge junkie, so if I watch a video, I expect it to solve a problem or answer a question for me. When it doesn't I get a little irked. Good luck with...
  14. Lifted OBX mud stuck from the jump. Black diamond says- hold my beer!

    My main takeaways from this: 1) It was a setup. There's a photographer up ahead filming the whole thing, and the looks on the people's faces make it pretty obvious that this was all planned specifically for this video. 2) Title is clickbait, meant to cash in on the ongoing OBX hate. I don't...
  15. Installed my new gloss black bronco badges.

    I'm probably doing the same. I'm thinking of going with the "on the body line" version rather than the above or below versions - it looks best, and I don't think it will interfere with the badge, which should fit just below the full pinstripe style. Hope you post some pics when you get it done.
  16. Installed my new gloss black bronco badges.

    Love this! I have the chrome version sitting here, and after seeing row upon row of classic Broncos at Super Cel West last week, all of them proudly displaying a similar badge, I'm even more excited to slap it on my own Bronco (eventually). Nice!
  17. Test Drive First Impressions - OBX, 4 Dr, Soft top, 2.7, Lux

    When you say "it shifted," do you mean without you hitting the 4A button? Why would it do this? I assumed Sport was for highway driving - no need for 4x4. What am I missing? Thanks for the write-up.
  18. Auto Trader Review of OBX Non SAS

    Thanks for posting. I switched to a Basquatch 4-door in hopes of getting my very early res this year, but since that's not happening, I'll be going back to an OBX 2-door in October. I think it's a great deal with the better interior and grill, plus the fact that I can add the 4A and the high...
  19. DIY Overhead Grab Handles

    That was the ONE thing I missed at Super Cel West. I kept grabbing for that handle, and it kept not being there. I don't know why Ford omitted overhead grab handles from their design. Doesn't make sense. The other handles just serve as pivot points every time you hit a bump.
  20. Off-Rodeo costs... What am I missing here

    Unless you're fancy, check out the Virginian. It's downtown and you can get two beds and a kitchenette super cheap. Honestly, I usually sleep in my car or in a tent, so this is going to be an upgrade for me.