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  1. Bronco Mule Spotted Testing Off-Road Wearing BFG K02 Tires and Mad Max Bumper

    And I know it is closer to the camera. But also with the comparison on the drone shot with the ZR2. The Bronco looks to be an overall larger vehicle and certainly more/wider interior space than the Ranger.
  2. Bronco Mule Spotted Testing Off-Road Wearing BFG K02 Tires and Mad Max Bumper

    If that is the suspension you can see behind the wheel on the driver side, that comes in on a pivot way closer to the centerline and higher than the ranger's. Like a long travel setup on a Baja setup. Maybe the IFS on the Bronco will have more articulation and travel than we are expecting.
  3. Ford Bronco may follow the Ranger as the top American-made vehicles

    I hope that the 2021 Ranger redesign is a little more masculine. Along with having something like a Tremor package to compete with the ZR2. With sharing the T6 platform with the new Bronco it should not be too hard to have a more off road worthy trim of the Ranger.
  4. New camoed 2021 Bronco spy pics wearing 37" tires?!

    I hope that they do like was rumored and they have Tremor as a package on many vehicles. So you have the mild of road package of FX4 and the more serious off road with a bit of a lift and full skid plates in a Tremor package.
  5. First pics of 4 Door Bronco with top removed under camo

    I am hoping that you can remove the roof panels and leave the roof rack. In other words the roof rack is attached to the side bars of the roll cage. So we can have the top off and still throw a kayak or cargo rack up there.
  6. Ford COO Says 2021 Bronco is "a much superior product" than Jeep Wrangler. No Bronco for Europe

    Don't forget when talking about the torque numbers that the diesel weighs about 500 more lbs than the ecoboosts. The max towing on the jeeps is 3500lbs. I think we probably get in the area of 6k-6.5k towing in the big bronco.