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  1. ths0002

    Celebrity Promotions

    The cast of Cars 4 is really coming together
  2. ths0002

    Bronco in drone image isn't Cyber Orange? Compared to Cyber Orange Mach-E

    I'm asking this out of sheer ignorance about photography, but it is rumored that the colors leaked aren't the only colors for the Bronco. Could there be another unleaked color that is yellow, and we are seeing it and thinking it is Cyber Orange?
  3. 2010 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition

    2010 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition

  4. ths0002

    First official look at Fighter Jet Gray color

    I'd love to see a rendering of this color, but it seems like it would be really hard to pin down what it actually is (looks almost green to me)
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    Bronco reveal has officially been delayed until July

    It feels like more than just the arbitrary "Spring" so hopefully a step in the right direction. Until then, we can play a fun game of what bad can happen in our free time with ✨2020 Event Bingo✨!
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    Leaked! 2021 Bronco Display Screen / Center Stack, 7 Speed Manual Transmission Crawler Gear, Off-Road Package

    I had no idea that was already an option other than for backup. That's awesome
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    Leaked! 2021 Bronco Display Screen / Center Stack, 7 Speed Manual Transmission Crawler Gear, Off-Road Package

    First button on the top row of the media part of the stack... Is that a button for a camera?
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    2021 Ford Bronco Will Offer Three Grille Options

    Pardon my French here but oh hell yeah
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    2021 Ford F-150 14G Interior

    Exactly! When they finally release the 60oz Yeti, it will make picking it up so much easier. They mentioned it on the 14G post, but if you look at the picture of the shifter, you can see a silver button that allows it.
  10. ths0002

    2021 Ford F-150 14G Interior

    It looks great! The thing that stuck out to me was the 14G F150 has a stow away shifter. What's that sorcery? You can hide the whole shifter? It would make accessing cup holders a little easier.
  11. ths0002

    2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door and 2 Door Revealed!

    [puts on tinfoil hat] ...what if this was what Ford meant by a March reveal?
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    Bronco Sport

    Photos aren't flattering, but it looks good! Does the Bronco Sport share the same paint colors with the Bronco Bronco, and if so, is this one of the leaked colors? The only one that makes sense is the Antimatter Blue, but it doesn't look metallic.
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    Is anybody else praying their current vehicle lasts long enough for the Bronco to be available?

    Oh yeah. Got a 2010 Explorer after my 2006 burned up (after 300k miles) because I was hoping to get a Bronco in 2022 and liked the last of the trucky Explorers. In hindsight, I should have gotten a newer one. That clock on the G4 Explorer is ticking faster than it did the first time around 10...
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    For me, the only gripe I have about the design (and this applies to all Fords that have it - Ranger, Super Duty, Explorer, etc) is having B R O N C O across the front like no one knows what it is. I hope they have a heritage trim with F O R D in the grille or at least something aftermarket.
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    Newly Spied: 2021 Bronco in Rugged Trim!

    I like this is becoming a Monday afternoon thing