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  1. Request: Badlands with leather interior

    That’s correct
  2. Request: Badlands with leather interior

    Can’t help ya with the carpet lifting washout pic at the moment but can tomorrow at some point.
  3. Badlands Bronco Thread

    Happy for you!
  4. Cbiggs

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Brilliant, Vooch! 🤣
  5. 71 FJ40 says hello to Badlands in OCNJ

    Thanks to @GToddC5 for stopping by with a beautiful 71 FJ40 to check out the Badlands! Really enjoying the camaraderie of the off road community.
  6. Cbiggs

    Jersey / East Cost Bronco

    Im seeing four other big bronc’s on the island, a red big bend, carb grey OBX (lifted with black steelies looked sweet!), A51 BD, and a Cyber Orange BL. Happy to see them all!
  7. Barrett Jackson 2021 Bronco $165,000 !!

    I see your #1 build, same as mine but I added the Maxlider stripe. The flares aren’t for me either but I’m not offended by these guys making a nice profit on it. Get it while you can!
  8. Badlands Delivered, but weekend hold!

    Congrats! I’m 1,200 miles in on my BL and cant stop smiling! Cactus grey is fire 🔥
  9. Clydesdale II Bronco selling TONIGHT at Barrett-Jackson Auction! Lot 775

    $181,500!! Congrats, that’s awesome @Maxlider Brothers Customs. I’m a little bias driving around with your silver stripe on my ox white badlands. You gents have the retro meets new bad-arseness down pat! Happy for ya!
  10. Clydesdale II Bronco selling TONIGHT at Barrett-Jackson Auction! Lot 775

    What time on the block? Hoping to catch it!
  11. OXFORD WHITE Bronco Club

    Thanks here a better pic. The packaging was fine and the instructions are clear in letting the end user know that it’s best practice to unroll the pieces to shake out for a bit, but everything is labeled nicely. The instructions are also illustrated and simple to follow, but there are caveats...
  12. Soft Top Fitment Issue?

    I’ve owned three Jeep’s with soft tops and the bronco is exceeding my expectation. It’s noisy at 70 on the highway but for me that’s to be expected. I’ve had zero issues with the voice commands at highway speeds.
  13. Soft Top Fitment Issue?

    And I will be a customer of yours very soon 😉. check out their site peeps.
  14. Soft Top Fitment Issue?

    The stripe is from @Maxlider Brothers Customs and installed by a pro. It’s a doable DIY with their instructions. You can find them on the forum here.
  15. Soft Top Fitment Issue?

    Maxlider bros. Sorry OP not trying to hijack yer thread
  16. Soft Top Fitment Issue?

    me too on the windows Im not getting the piece closest to the pillars in exactly right but luckily for me I’ve been mostly top down!
  17. Soft Top Fitment Issue?

    Good luck. theres a learning curve, don’t get frustrated. But when you do get frustrated watch the Ford video some more. Folks including me were having trouble with the driver side latch on the top. It’s loosened up and is fine now.