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  1. [Updated With Outcome in Part 2 Video] Dealer marks up former employee's Bronco by $10k

    So you just buckled and paid their markup? 🤨. I would have told them to fly a kite and walked away, no matter how bad I wanted the Bronco. Hope they gave complimentary lube.
  2. Bronco Wildtrak VS F150 Raptor Comparison with Photos

    Great approach/idea…terrible pictures. Sorry bud
  3. [Update: Scheduling Cancelled For 10/18 Build Week] Granger Bronco Scheduling Previews as of 8/31. Including 2-Door and MIC top

    Oh baby! Only 1,769 more to go until a stork calls to tell me my baby has arrived. Lol. 2023 club here 🎉 Patience is a virtu…. Still ok waiting 🙂
  4. Hauk Offroad Bumpers (Front & Rear) and Spare Tire Carrier For 2021 Bronco

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Ford specifically beefed up the swing tailgate so you wouldn’t have to go aftermarket by increasing tire size/weight like you do with the flimsy wrangler and add the bumper mounted carrier. That’s just dumb 🤷‍♂️, most pointless ‘add-on’ I’ve seen so far.
  5. MIC top installed incorrectly by factory (front bracket mounted on top screw rather than through it)

    lol I’d still get a busted hard top over the soft 🤣 To each their own
  6. 2022 Bronco gets "Capable Bumper" option. Comes standard on Black Diamond and Badlands

    F yeah! Capable bumper FTW! Thank you god, I need my fogs on my ‘22 Badlands. Realistically it’s probably an option in ‘24.
  7. Epic Orange Pearl repainted 2021 Bronco - custom paint job

    Some heroes don’t wear capes
  8. First Body Color Painted Grill I've Seen (Rapid Red Bronco)

    No to the colored grill. 😬
  9. 2 Door Bronco Outer Banks w/ Retro Decals (and steel fenders and almost every possible roof rack option)

    Stripes are 🔥. Fenders, hard pass. Beauty of a making each Bronco your very own.
  10. 2.7L Bronco MBRP exhaust sound clip

    I watch the Raptor forums close and always blast the idiots who post ‘what aftermarket exhaust sounds best’. It’s a v6, it’s going to sound like 💩. Save the money. Morons
  11. Dealer HAD a Bronco in stock....

    yet people still say “I drive a Jeep”. Drives me nuts. Technically not wrong but the ‘it’s a Jeep thing’ applies to Wranglers in my head. same thing when people say ’truck’ on anything but an actual truck. 🙄
  12. Antimatter Blue 2.3L Badlands 4-Door Manual Delivered!

    So BL does have a padded upper on the door unlike the BD
  13. Antimatter Blue 2.3L Badlands 4-Door Manual Delivered!

    Shoot…. I bet you’re right. BL and BD are the same interior due to the MgV and lined washout interior maybe? Some creature comforts (resting your arm on some sort of padding) would be nice.
  14. Antimatter Blue 2.3L Badlands 4-Door Manual Delivered!

    I love you. Thank you. This is what’s pushing me to go BL no Sas (due to budget). That little nicer interior I think would be worth it over the BD.
  15. Antimatter Blue 2.3L Badlands 4-Door Manual Delivered!

    Beautiful! What I wouldn’t give to see this interior side by side with a BD Sas to see if any differences in quality. I know the mgv seats are gray vs black, and the accent color is different, the gauge cluster is the same now after originally BL being billed as the ’higher’ instrument panel...