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  1. Newly Produced Broncos Being Shipped with MIC Top 2.0 Ahead of "Dirt Mountain" Replacements?

    Just saw I have a blend date of 9/27! Bring on the MIC 2.0! Whoop whoop! I had a week of 8/23 build date before the MIC top stoppage. I was hoping for a late October build, but fully expected November. With rail shipping my 2-dr may be here by mid-October!
  2. Bronco's at MAP - Aerial Edition

    Thanks! Interesting to see the trains. Had no idea about them other than they were used to transport.
  3. We Can Thank Pilson Auto Centers For Excessive Dealer Markups

    Honestly, it is what it is. I think the main issue with dealerships, is it is a stacked deck. There has been a 100+ year dealership PAC that is rock solid that ensures they control the new car market. A customer may luck up and get a car at MSRP or below, but that is pure luck. The dealership...
  4. We Can Thank Pilson Auto Centers For Excessive Dealer Markups

    So by becoming a salesman for the dealership you essentially have a "wash" situation for their ADM charge after 10 referrals...nice. Im not sure I could ever have 10 referrals for a car purchase for a dealership without working full time for them.
  5. Ordering With Dealer - Green Dot

    Just make sure you have an agreed upon price in writing from your dealer.
  6. You are not buying today!

    I went by my dealership this past weekend and it was barren. More used cars than new. Maybe 15-20 new vehicles only.
  7. Need advice, 21 MY and have a VIN

    You will get a MY21 per Ford. I had a week of 8/23 build for a 2-dr Badlands, so I'm anticipating mid to late October if I'm super lucky, but more than likely November, possibly December.
  8. Ford Dealers Cranking up ADMs on 2022 Models

    I stopped by my dealer this weekend and their lot was bare. Maybe 15-20 new vehicles max. Guess they are going to make up for sales somehow.
  9. Used 2021 Bronco First Edition Sold For $126,500 at Auction

    They do realize they are buying a Ford Bronco, not a Ford GT, right? Hahah!
  10. First Look: 2022 Bronco in Hot Pepper Red

    It definitely worked for MY21!
  11. 2021 Ford Bronco Overland 2-Door Concept in 3D! 🤩

    I may be 2 hours from the beach and don't surf, but I'd be tempted to ride around in a rig like that even in the freezing winter!
  12. Ford will start shipping new MIC hardtops, Broncos this week! 🚛

    This would be sweet of they are well ahead of schedule. My week of 8/23 2 door build didn't happen and I fully expected a December delivery. Could be much sooner now! Excitement is rising again.
  13. Asking for feedback on what to do with the Ford Customer Satisfaction Money

    Maybe a hood deflector or something like that would be great. Oil changes if not offered as part of a new car buy would also be appreciated. One thing you could do as well is create a car kit. Have one of those battery pack jumpstarters, maybe a mini air compressor, and stuff like that.
  14. Ford's Bronco Customer Satisfaction Funds Plan Will Help Dealers Manage Order Waits

    I'd be happy with 0% financing. Not expecting anything from my dealer.
  15. Bronco Sales Price

    Damn, mine is $799.
  16. Dealer Listings/Who can find the highest ADM/Used price

    It's easy to rip on a dealership about these ADMs, but if there are idiots willing to pay $15,000+ for a first year Bronco, you can't fix stupid!
  17. Broke down today and checked out a Wrangler…

    My son and I are on vacation in CO right now, and somehow got upgraded to a BMW 428i for our rental. After flying around in it, he told me we should just get one of these instead of a Bronco.
  18. Family friend picked up a softtop Wildtrak today with no reservation…

    I think I'm more impressed how she just stopped and bought a Bronco on impulse. Good for her.
  19. Eruption Green Bronco 2-Door With White Roof Render

    That green definitely needs a white roof.
  20. What would you do?

    Dammit frankk, adults are not invited to these conversations! Haha.