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  1. Used 2021 Bronco First Edition Sold For $126,500 at Auction

    I'm in, but my highest offer is $90,000, and not a dollar more!
  2. Will early issues be fixed / new features be added with 2022 Bronco?

    Having a MY22 isn't too bad. Putting in an order in now lines you up for a MY23.
  3. Why is the Toyota 4runner "behind?"

    Yep. And people buy Toyotas knowing they will go a couple hundred thousand miles. Both my sons in law have Tacomas with almost 230,000 miles on them.
  4. Why is the BB so much more than the Base?

    Base also does not offer Cactus Grey...not sure why Ford has to play games to that extent. Wouldn't be a big deal except this is for my wife and that is the color she likes.
  5. Why is the BB so much more than the Base?

    What size tires and rims are you looking at to add to the Base, and can you get credit for the stock ones or sell them for a decent price? I have been also considering the wheel/tire gap between Base and BB as well, and have been leaning towards the BB just because the 32" inch tires look so...
  6. Aftermarket for running boards?

    That's correct, which I realized about 10 seconds after I posted and then checked the options chart. Though If I go with BB, I will probably want to pass on the Ford tube step and get a better quality aftermarket rail. So I wonder if because that is an option, unlike some other trims like the...
  7. Aftermarket for running boards?

    Is that also the case with the Big Bend?
  8. 33's tires fit Big Bend! As tested on my 2021 Bronco

    Awesome look, and exactly what I am ordering...Cactus Grey BB with hardtop. I was just asking my tire place about options to have 33" tires that fit the BB stock wheels, so this is perfect to see. I loved the 33's on a Badlands demo vehicle I drove, but don't want to pay an extra $9k for BL.
  9. Who's ready to tap out?

    Interesting deal on the Chapman Horsham thing...I assume it's because they own Jeep AND Ford dealerships. I told my Ford dealer that I was thinking of getting a Jeep until I can get a Bronco, since I need a 4x4 for the winter, and he suggested I buy a used one from them because they know the...
  10. Who's ready to tap out?

    Jeep Wranglers in my area (Idaho) are still selling for $50-$60k new. So I guess Jeep isnt' too worried about the Bronco competition yet.
  11. Base Bronco Shawty Build Featuring 35’s by Hypebeast Dad

    The build looks cool! Especially with the color of the wheels. What was the all-in cost you shelled out for the lift, wheels, and tires?
  12. 📣 Ford announces MIC hardtop solution (program 21B49): unscheduled orders will get MY2022, delivered & built Broncos will have tops replaced

    "...we will be producing FEWER 2021 Bronco models than originally planned." Nice. no mention of how many fewer....10%? 20%? 30%?
  13. Aftermarket for running boards?

    Ya, that tapered look might take some getting used to.
  14. Aftermarket for running boards?

    those look sharp. Where did you find them for $259? The GoRhino site has them for $351.
  15. Aftermarket for running boards?

    So after driving an OB with the 2.7 and a Badlands with a 2.3, MT this past weekend, I am leaning towards the 2.3 MT, only offered on BD and BL. But to save some money, starting with the Black Diamond trim. My question is on the tube step/running boards, which is not an option on the BD, and...
  16. Got a test drive finally in Idaho!

    LOL! My wife and I drove this same Bronco on Sunday at Kendall (and drove a 2.7 the day before at Lithia). We also liked the 2.3 MT. Power seemed good and it was so easy to shift, even after not driving a MT in several years. Didn't even to go 5th gear until about 60 mph, then there was still...
  17. Sound deadening headliner on Bronco top (first photos)

    So what are the differences in cost and quality between the Hothead headliners and the Ford sound deadening headliner?
  18. Any aftermarket options for 12" screen? you know what will be different about the '22 setups that will make it a bit easier to get what you want?
  19. Any aftermarket options for 12" screen?

    probably the safer route....thanks for the input.