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  1. Is there a big difference in the 2.3 and 2.7 with Sasquatch Package?

    Respect to all points above. 1,100 miles on my 4 door base-squatch 2.3. I’m not truck guy. In fact, this is only my second new car purchase (Fusion right after college), so I agree, those of you who are used to larger, more powerful engines will find the 2.3 can feel a little wimpy at times...
  2. Jelly81Raider

    Ohio Bronco Club

    @Ltjb8 yeah that salt on top is gonna suck. Especially if I try to follow the rules and not take it thru a laser wash. I’m watching bestop as well, and also this company - Advanced Fiberglass Concepts - they’ve made some flares and hood for the Bronco and per...
  3. Used 2021 Bronco First Edition Sold For $126,500 at Auction

    Wild. If someone wants a 4 door base-squatch w/ rock rails and tinted windows it can be yours for the low low price of 90k. Only 1,100 miles! What a deal! 😂
  4. Jelly81Raider

    Ohio Bronco Club

    @Ltjb8 I think you’re so close now, you might as well wait, especially with shit weather approaching, but I will say, I was a 100% soft-top hater, thought it looked pretty bad, but the convenience of it is great. Not regretting my decision to switch. That being said, I’m following several...
  5. After build date, how long to receive at your dealer?

    Great news! Should update from pending to “dispatched” in a few days when it’s on the way. Congrats
  6. After build date, how long to receive at your dealer?

    Build week: 7/19 Build date: 7/23 Bronco has been built email: 7/24 Took delivery: 8/3 in Cleveland
  7. Ohio Grille Swap - Base for BD or OB

    Thanks, yeah I’ll take a look as well. If they’ll fit I’m all for it.
  8. Ohio Grille Swap - Base for BD or OB

    I’m about 3 hours from ya - In the Akron/Cleveland area. do we know for sure that all the grilles are swappable? Wasn’t sure if the headlights differ between the signature headlights vs base headlights.
  9. Ohio Grille Swap - Base for BD or OB

    Hi there! Yep, still looking! And yeah I have the black/black letters base grille.
  10. 500 miles-in: Bronco Base + 33s

    Also getting 16.5 MPG on my 4 door Base w/sas. 500 miles in. Normal mode and 2 WD the whole time. I haven’t been easy on the gas pedal though.
  11. Anyone selling a 4 door Factory Soft top?

    They’ve been so accommodating and have really over-delivered to this point. So, I’m sure they would be happy to 😂
  12. Best finance options

    have seen folks mostly talk about USAA, local credit unions, and Bank of America.
  13. Anyone selling a 4 door Factory Soft top?

    Got my attention. How’s your MIC look? Snakeskin? Rattles or leaks? Keep us posted.
  14. Bronco Etiquette?

    hahaaaaa no lie I’ve been doing this the since I got mine. Don’t know why, just felt like the right thing to do.
  15. What was your out there door price, down payment, monthly

    Insurance cost went down $50/yr from what I was paying for my ‘13 Fusion.
  16. Ohio Grille Swap - Base for BD or OB

    Looking to swap my base grille for a Black Diamond or OBX grille. Thanks!
  17. Hood not closing

    Just ran into this yesterday. Like others have said you can lower those foam bump-stops a hair, but it’ll close with where they’re at (it was fully closed at one point). Don’t push on it in that half-latched position! Give that bad boy a nice drop/slam. It is a truck supposed to climb mountains...
  18. Jelly81Raider

    Ohio Bronco Club

    Wooooo! Had it for about a week. Still smiling!