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  1. Bronco Wildtrak VS F150 Raptor Comparison with Photos

    You friend...speak my language. Well put.
  2. Predictions since the MIC 2.0 is now ready, and going out.

    I'm with ya Jim...I reserved an hour and a half after the reservation banks went live. 4-Door Wildtrak
  3. Received this from The Bronco Team -- Bronco concept art poster and a sticker

    Just got this today too. I don’t have a build date. Day one order though. Do you have a build date or anything?
  4. 2.7L Bronco First Edition 0-60 MPH VIDEO!!

    Hey that’s not fair…to clowns.
  5. INTERIOR COLORS & MATERIALS Walkthrough Video Posted

    Sinister black is such an amateur-ish and cringy name.
  6. Peek at Rapid Red Wildtrak Bronco in Jim Farley interview

    I know it’s been pointed out already, but that logo bug/bronco nation watermark is borderline disrespectful. I work inside the video and photo world - this is the worst placement and use I’ve ever seen. Sounds like hyperbole but honestly, what a “dick move” B-Nation.
  7. Ford trademarks WARTHOG name!

    This is beautiful...mostly because it's true!
  8. Painted 2021 Bronco Body Frames Captured! Mystery / New Color Spotted

    <furiously types on keyboard...> Enhance...
  9. Potential Package (+ Sasquatch) Pricing Previewed in Bronco Reservation Survey Email

    I’ve gotta believe Ford is doing a bit of price anchoring here. Possibly getting us riled up about discrepancies between trims, pricing on engine upgrade in relation to trim selection etc. I realize it may be wishful thinking, but this survey gives them some very useful data while also allowing...
  10. 90+ More 2021 Bronco & Bronco Sport Photos From Ford Employee Roundup Event

    Man...that Cactus Gray with White and Gray interior plus those bright red accents is my LOVE LANGUAGE. Just put it in my veins --- plus --- add a bunch of ScotchGuard™ for those seats! o_O
  11. Granger Ford – Trade in Guide

    I see you and I are both men of culture...grain bin mice experiences growing up on a farm in Iowa are not soon forgotten!!
  12. Video: 2021 Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Crawling Back-to-Back at Moab

    Love how effortless this looks. From the Mall to Moab.
  13. Watch the 2.3L Bronco reverse up 37 degree Hummer Hill at Moab

    crazy how simple this looks for it. I can’t imagine taking my f150 through that little exercise at all. To people who would know, is this common at this hill at Moab? To reverse up the hill only to crawl down?
  14. Bronco Trail Turn Assist Demonstrated

    Very solid Hunt for Red October reference there. Must go watch that one again!
  15. Factory pics: 2021 Bronco Body In White, Frame-to-Body Marriage (Decking), Test Units, Engine

    I’ve a ive always thought the driver’s Oh Sh!t handle was the steering wheel!
  16. First Edition Bronco bumped up to 7,000 production limit!

    I also reserved one (badlands) and the Ford site says I have two vehicles reserved. Do we know why that is? What dealer are you with if you don’t mind me asking? Is it possible the dealers get one on the lot for every one they get reserved?
  17. Ford and dealers report big early demand for 2021 Bronco

    Pardon my complete ignorance on this! But, how exactly does one do this? How can a regular old Kronk like me take advantage of the X Plan pricing?

    I love the little design nod to the original and new headlamp - on the starter button in the interior pic. That's the attention to detail that communicates - at least to me - that there was a high level of care and consideration put into every piece and part of this vehicle
  19. Bronco $100 Reservation preparation (owners site account creation)

    i am prepared to have this same feeling of 'certainty then giddy uncertainty to certainty' wash over me about a hundred times in the next few hours. Then wash, rinse, and repeat!