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  1. LAX to Glacier Park in Two Door

    Enjoy Glacier, it's one of my favorites, this picture is from the Grinnell Glacier trail
  2. No more Manual Transmission Broncos at the Austin Off-Roadeo

    At my days working at a dealership we often had car and trucks with less than 1000 miles with burned up or blown up clutches. So many people knew the concept of driving a manual but have never actually driven or been instructed how to.
  3. High transmission temperature while rock crawling!

    I dont worry about temps below 225° F
  4. What's your back-up plan?

    My wife's old Outback
  5. High Resolution Bronco Digital Print with your State / Province / Country Flag ***FREE***

    Missouri if you could please, maybe the city of St louis flag?
  6. Norfolk Southern Train Derailment (Broncos Possibly Affected)

    Corporate Greed and stock prices. I work for Union Pacific and I am regularly building 18000 foot trains. 5 years ago anything over 8000 foot was a very big train. Bigger trains = less crews and locomotives. Unfortunately it is a much greater risk. Any train with autoracks has tons of slack...
  7. Floor A/C vents may be deal breaker

    How did we ever make it in the olden days with no A/C? I remember sitting in a back seat of a Gray 1978 Impala with dark red vinyl seats and no A/C in the St Louis summers, 98° and 98% humidity. We had to keep towels on the seats to keep them from burning you if you where wearing shorts. If...
  8. Ordering with dealer

    No clue, I have the same change, I bet might have something to do with the online ordering that is coming for the MachE
  9. New Stripe Pics added. Cyber Orange 4 door Badlands

    Can't wait to get my Bronco and get one of your kits. BTW I would like to see a A51 with matte white striping
  10. Superthornbird


    Cool beans, me and the Mrs. Would love to come up and drive it
  11. Shipped Notice - Rail time to California?

    Loaded on a railcar in the Detroit area, either CSX or NS will pick up the car from the auto loading facility, heads west to either Chicago or St.Louis the railcar is then interchanged to either BNSF or UP as either a full train or switched into a different train. if its UP to southern CA its...
  12. Superthornbird


    Nothing here
  13. Just got my Ford Folding Tailgate Table

    How thick is it folded up?