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  1. @dealersider offer closed

    I mean widebody looks like flares? Unless i missed a bulge. I'm Raptor curious, but Bronco RS still seems like the ticket.
  2. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    I emailed mine today for him to check his tracker, first time i have asked..... he said same as you. its built no shipping ETA. He "assumes its waiting on a chip". Though i dont think thats the case
  3. Question about Badlands flooring

    leather seats are power seats. you dont want water around seat motors. no washout floor.
  4. any interest in a simple, retro bumper?
  5. Window not dropping when opening the door

    try getting in, start as usual. roll window full down then hold the button down for like 5 seconds. roll window up hold button up for 5 seconds see if auto up down and auto drop are resumed...... seems like it lost initialization somehow
  6. Lifting my FE to fit 37's

    Spring perches are a bad idea on the Bilstein broncos. Lifting the truck by changing the shock shaft relative to its designed ride height will have you hitting rebound ESCV sooner than intended. The EX Bilstein engineer on her specifically stated this, and advised to use upper spacers instead as...

    It is assembled and has programmed modules. I can not say anything further.
  8. Talk me out of (or into) a Gladiator Mojave

    MT BL: Getrag 7 Speed FAST locker in the rear, its instantaneous FORD drain plugs marine grade mirrors stay on hero switches mt jeep: lots of parts already available
  9. 2.3L muffler delete [added sound clip]

    Sounds like a Raptor 3.5TT with dump valves on a rev. Hows it under load doing a pull?
  10. First impression of my SAS Badlands

    She's a beaut, Clarke.
  11. How do you plan to mount your Hi Lift jack?

    It's an awesome tool, in many circumstances. But it's a terrible jack and a limited pulling device. OP has not replied on why he abandoned winch/ and or mounting.... Or if his hi lift usage was for pulling or lifting..... I fully agree with you that it's a great tool. I was able to take my...
  12. How do you plan to mount your Hi Lift jack?

    OP never mentioned pulling things a few feet. " given up on a winch" was his sentiment. OP has not even replied again. OP has not seemingly operated a high lift, from vernacular used. A high lift is a shit jack, and a shit winch. It has uses, but its not the easiest or safest for...
  13. How do you plan to mount your Hi Lift jack?

    A high lift is not a winch. It can pull things a few feet, not a winch. Not to be confused with a winch. A jack is a jack. A winch is a winch. A high lift is neither. Its kinda like a swiss army sledgehammer or pull/push. A hi lift is like having sex on a Chevy S10 bench seat. You could do it...
  14. How do you plan to mount your Hi Lift jack? Here is the good stuff. Ever see a Baja 1000 truck with a high lift? theres a reason...... I'm looking at this currently..... I have to drive home from work but i can expand on this later.
  15. Lightbar mounts

    RIGID sells mounts separately. You'll be own your own mounting them to a different brand light bar though.
  16. 40 lb. Standard Load (SL) Tire vs. 48 lb. E Rated Tire

    Mickey Baja Boss AT (35/12.5/17/D) look sexy as hell. im very tempted to order a set up. Nitto Trail grapplaer 35x 10.5 are tempting too, because narrow
  17. Soft top rear window getting dirty?

    When we were in the woods in NH I kept looking for the wiper button but couldnt find it. (SPACED OUT FORGOT I WAS IN A SOFT TOP) I missed having a wiper so i could better see the driver behind me and if they were still with the convoy.