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  1. Bronco Wildtrak VS F150 Raptor Comparison with Photos

    Rarely see decent comparison shots so I snapped this yesterday and think it does a good job. My 2007 gx470 with stock tires and set on normal ride height on the air suspension. While the bronco doesn’t tower over it, it definitely feels much more aggressive in person. Can’t wait to get mine
  2. The Dog Thread 🐾

    Beauty Beauty’s. Love GSP and GWP puppies. Mini golden doodles are pretty great too
  3. A Velocity Blue Bronco Goes Retro With White Roof + White Fender Flares

    Looked so good with the body colored top, why ruin it ?
  4. 2 Door BaseSquatch Delivered. Timeline, Q & A, Notes From First 100 miles

    Love the velocity blue. I was nervous but switched to velocity. Can you possibly post some more pics of different angles when you get the chance ? Would be much appreciated.
  5. Whose Wildtrack??

  6. Whose Wildtrack??

    Is this yours @DealerInsider ?
  7. BaseSquatch DELIVERED : 2 Door Base Sasquatch [UPDATE - NOW WITH MORE PICTURES & REVIEW]

    Congrats ! I freaking love the base grill and it was my original build. Switched to black Diamond for the vinyl seats. Looks amazing and I’m super jealous. Enjoy !
  8. Stocks and Investing

    How is Kraken ? I’m on coinbase and it’s just ehhh. A bunch of the exciting new coins aren’t on there. Any thoughts on how long this bull cycle will be ? I feel like Bitcoin is due to explode again but damn those wild swings !
  9. Stocks and Investing

    Anyone in on or thinking of getting in on ethereum ? I’ve been buying some up and it seems to really be picking up momentum
  10. Just another dealer event with black diamond and badlands

    The antimatter blue (black bronco) was a black diamond with 35” tires. Visually they looked to be very close in height. In person the 33” tires on the badlands look plenty big. By the seat of my pants (climbing in) the Sasquatch was definitely an inch or two higher. Not scientific but the best I...
  11. Visibility / rear view mirror measurements + lots of other pics/observations

    The Amb black Diamond was 2.7 and the badlands was 2.3. Great post. Thanks
  12. Just another dealer event with black diamond and badlands

    Was really pressed for time today so sorry for the lack photos. I ordered a base Sasquatch but am considering a black diamond Sasquatch because Mid would be nice but not a requirement since this is going to be a toy. Wish there would of been one with cloth so I could see it in comparison to...
  13. Thoughts from KMF event - BD and OBX

    Really hope the back seats recline. Makes a huge difference when on long trips which I plan on doing. I had planned to switch from 2door to 4door for this reason
  14. Spotted: Cyber Orange Wildtrak Bronco 2-Door on Highway w/ Front License Bracket Mounted

    adaptive cruise control sensors I believe. One of the builds just released spoke about why there was an opening in that spot on their bumper.
  15. Badlands Non-Sasquatch (on 33's) and Black Diamond Sasquatch @ Beach Ford!!

    I work with a majority of women and I’ve learned NEVER ASK THAT QUESTION unless you’re 💯 sure. I’ve seen and experienced some serious carnage when wrong
  16. Area 51 4dr badlands

    That’s not Sasquatch. Optional 33’s
  17. Dealership Wall of Fame (Best Dealers to Buy a Bronco From)

    Ive dealt with both John at Stephens and Tom at Chapman and both have been amazing ! I only transferred from stephans to Chapman because it’s 15 mins away opposed to 6 hrs. Both offered below invoice pricing and provide outstanding customer service. Could not go wrong with either
  18. Black Diamond Sasquatch! My Comments & Pics From Think Ford First Events @ Randy Wise Ford

    Great pics and information. Did you see or do you know if the back seats recline or are they fixed in one position ? @sasquatchrox
  19. 2DR Velocity Blue Badlands with Bushwacker pocket fender flares

    Can someone please photoshop those off so I can unsee this !