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  1. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    Still waiting on the shipped notification. Waiting 12+ months for a build date? No problem. A week for it to ship? Absolutely awful.
  2. Metro Atlanta

    I am. Have dealt with both Jay and Matt. Jay moreso.
  3. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    How has Angela Krause been to work with? That’s who I originally had my reservation with but ended up swapping.
  4. SNEAK PEEK: Diode Dynamics Foglight Kit for Modular Bumper on 2021 Ford Bronco!

    I’d like yellow fogs plus white off-road.
  5. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    Folks that have had theirs shipped via convoy: how long was the wait from being built to seeing it shipped?
  6. Everglades Bronco Speculation Thread

    As an accountant, not sure how I feel about this comment.
  7. doink

    Georgia Bronco Is who I am going to go with. Formerly Buff Guys detail. Local shop here in Alpharetta that does high end work. I’d give them a call. Already have a quote for PPF. He’s also done a first edition here on the forum.
  8. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    update. Pizza tracker updated for me sometime this morning after my email. good luck to everyone waiting.
  9. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    Wife got the built email today. Built. Delivered around 9/23 - 9/29. No modules. No pizza tracker update.
  10. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    Come on schwartz. Come on schwartz.
  11. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    Hopeful that today will bring some info on us 9/9 blend dates.
  12. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    dont think I submitted my info here. 9/9 blend. 807/893. OBX.
  13. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    trying to put a happy face on today.
  14. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    wild. I’m just before you and don’t have anything. Edit: wait. When was your blend date? I’m 9/9. 807/893
  15. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    Any 9/9 blends get modules yet?
  16. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    My 9/9 blend date has passed. Now waiting game. from what I can tell it generally takes another day before modules/emails come.
  17. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    Blend date for me is finally here. Excited to say the least. Looks like I’m towards the end of the day : 807/893 Congrats on everyone else getting their built emails earlier this week.