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  1. “Bringing Back The Bronco” – Interview With Overseer of the New Bronco, Dave Pericak

    Yawn. Interview says almost nothing about the new Bronco, I couldn't care less about past vehicles or "tradition".
  2. Why are you choosing the Bronco over competitors like 4Runner and Wrangler?

    No decision yet here, it'll probably be at least a year and a half from now before I purchase anything new. Isn't the 4 runner design very old, and not scheduled to be updated for a year or two? I like the JL but I prefer an IFS. Also, the new Bronco may have a stronger factory available motor...
  3. 2021 Bronco Reveal Officially Comes July 13! [Moved From July 9]

    Yeah, it does seem like the "reveal" has been handled very poorly. I'm still optimistic though that it will be a pretty good vehicle. I'm not one of those looking for any large tire version, just a basic fx4 version is fine with me. I'd consider a 4runner, but isn't that design like 10 years old...
  4. What keeps you buying Fords year after year?

    I'm not sure why anyone has any "loyalty" to any particular vehicle manufacturer, unless you or your family works for the company, or maybe they have a major factory in your town. (?) If I had a favorite vehicle manufacturer, it wouldn't be Ford, they're #14 out of 20 non-luxury vehicle...
  5. Celebrity Promotions

    Exactly, I couldn't care less what some idiot celebrity says.
  6. Leaked pics: IFS, 7spd manual shifter (w/ crawler gear), sway bar disconnect, top latch, EcoBoost engine, AUX switches, front & rear lockers!

    Ford should reinstate TFL immediately. How many automotive reviewers/ media have published early photos of new vehicles? Probably almost all of them. For Fords action to make any sense they should break all relationships with all automotive reviewers. The TFL guys are great, I've watched a lot...
  7. A complete 2021+ Bronco 6G specs & info rundown, because there’s nothing else to do...

    A more basic fx4 package with little or no lift and with maybe 30 or 31" tires would probably be all I'd want in an off roader. I have to have the upgraded motor though, I'm really looking forward to what that is.
  8. 2021 Bronco Trims and Pricing Guesstimates

    Very interesting, thanks for doing. One thought; haven't previous Ford "Fx4" packages been fairly tame? I'm thinking something like an XLT with the base Fx4 package, will have only a few add ons, such as some minor skid plates, probably a limited slip rear, a minor shock change, and changing the...
  9. When will Bronco become a real threat to Jeep?

    I agree the Bronco will take a lot of sales away from Jeep. For every Bronco sale probably 60 to 70 % of them would have been Wrangler sales. I drove a JKUR for 6 years, I like the JL, but probably will never buy another Wrangler. I'm astounded that Jeep still hasn't fixed the steering in the...
  10. Grabber Blue 2021 Bronco 4-Door Preview Renderings

    Really great renderings, great job, thank you.
  11. Ford COO Says 2021 Bronco is "a much superior product" than Jeep Wrangler. No Bronco for Europe

    SFA has been discussed forever on this forum, the answer for now seems to be no SFA on the Bronco, it'll be IFS. (Which is my strong preference, Jeep still hasn't figured out how to build a SFA.)
  12. Ford COO Says 2021 Bronco is "a much superior product" than Jeep Wrangler. No Bronco for Europe

    The Ford COO might have a point. In terms of overall quality, Ford has been above Jeep in the JD Powers annual vehicle survey for a long time, maybe always? I drove a JKUR for 6 years, had a few problems, mostly the steering. Evidently the JL's still have problems, there's a "steering" post on a...
  13. Bronco reveal has officially been delayed until July

    Any real reason to believe Ford this time? Haven't they announced the "reveal" a couple times already? Is there anything stopping Ford from running the same image in July that says "August!" I don't think Ford (and probably every other vehicle manufacturer) gets that 99% of the people out there...
  14. Bronco6G's 2021 Bronco in Production Colors, Painted and White Top, Flares, Grille [Preview Renderings]

    Looks pretty good. The haters; lol, lets see what they can draw. Keep up the good work.
  15. 2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door and 2 Door Revealed!

    Well I hope that's not it; that looks pretty poor imho. If that's it I will definitely pass.
  16. New Land Rover Defender ad

    Maybe you guys are right, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. My personal perfect vehicle would be something like a Ranger Raptor, except with a very, very strong motor, not a diesel. I'll wait to see what the Bronco comes out with.
  17. New Land Rover Defender ad

    Anything other than my current 17' Tacoma OR will be a step down in reliability. Lexus doesn't make any off roader I'm interested in. As soon as I saw the wrapped 4 door Bronco from a month ago or so, I noticed it had a fairly upright windshield, implying it won't be a fast vehicle. If there...
  18. New Land Rover Defender ad

    I like the new Defender, I've been looking at it, still might go that way. But as you guys have said, reliability is a major concern; maybe an extended warranty? The 6 cylinder supposedly has 395 hp, will go 0-60 in 5.8 seconds, and has a 129 mph top speed. The new Bronco will probably be better...
  19. Newly Spied: 2021 Bronco in Rugged Trim!

    OK thanks, we'll see what it is. If it's an approx. 300 hp motor in the "rugged" version I'll definitely not be interested in that.
  20. Newly Spied: 2021 Bronco in Rugged Trim!

    Yeah, good point, I like it, but much too expensive. Anyone know what motor is expected in the "rugged" version? As others have said, it's got to be some sort of upgraded motor to turn those large tires.(?) Yes, I know they could change the gearing but for a supposed "performance" version just...