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  1. Real-world MPG difference Badlands vs BadSquatch?

    375 miles on a badsquatch 2.7 Computer shows 16.4 with 50/50 mix hwy/city. Don’t know what fuel the dealer filled it up with. Costco 93 on the 2nd tank. Picked it up showing around 11mpg and it’s slowly gone up since.
  2. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    I was getting plates for mine at the clerk's office yesterday, the guy next to me heard it was for a new Bronco and said "Yeah, I'm still waiting on mine... It's stuck on DIRT MOUNTAIN if you know what that is" I should have asked if he was a member of this forum.
  3. Question about Badlands flooring

    I think the interior is one of the two things you can still change after getting a VIN. Depends on how helpful your dealer is on actually getting it done though. Trim = interior Bronco Amendments on Serialized Orders – Please note that amendments will no longer be accepted on serialized...
  4. bytheway

    Kentuckiana Bronco Club

    @TondaB I'm in Crestwood, are you a fellow Oldham County resident? I've seen a couple Broncos on the road but not yours.
  5. bytheway

    Kentuckiana Bronco Club

    GoRhino steps are on sale if you want something cheaper than the $900 steps from 4WP.
  6. 2.7L Engine Cover?

    I think I like it. Appreciate you being the guinea pig.
  7. Ford Accessories Issues: Pod Lights and Cargo Enclosure w/decklid

    I noticed the rigid’s I noticed the Rigid’s have the 3rd white wire, does it not do anything?

    I’ve read the directions about 10 times and watched the different videos. Says 30-60 minutes. I bought some spare wire and butt connectors and heat shrink to tackle it tonight. Doesn’t seem like there’s much to go wrong as long as you identify the correct colored wires.
  9. Ford Bronco being considered for Europe, says Jim Farley

    Already bringing it to Asia, not too far from Europe.
  10. Quake LED Releases Its first of Many 2021+ Ford Bronco Products -- 42" Light Bar Windshield Mount with Optional Side Perch Kit

    Looks like they’re working on another setup that does. Also a dual pod mirror mount:
  11. Plasti Dipped Bronco Emblem

    It just peels off. The overspray rubbed off with my finger. I should have taped it but just used some cardboard with a square cut out of it. My 5 year old was running around the garage so I didn’t want to go downstairs and grab painters tape.
  12. Plasti Dipped Bronco Emblem

    Instead of paying for a new black Bronco emblem on the rear I decided to see how the plastidip I had laying around would look. Anthracite gray matches the carbonized gray grille on the badlands almost perfectly. I’m tempted to try it on the Sasquatch beauty rings but I’m going to stick to paint...
  13. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    Some post-delivery insight: I have a seal a little misaligned on my soft top. Dealer is going to replace it, but if it's the type of thing that would have gotten it stuck in production and replaced at the factory, I'm glad it shipped and wasn't held up. It's just cosmetic so far, doesn't leak or...
  14. Extended Warranty For Bronco

    My dealer price matched the flood ford online price on the 8/100 Ford premiumcare with $200 deductible. Good to know I only owe $200 if anything breaks between now and 2030.
  15. Is Steel Rear Bumper Standard

    I believe only badlands and black diamond gets steel rear bumper. Perhaps first edition. There is no option to upgrade other models to steel rear bumper, only front.
  16. Change to badland or stick with my outer banks?

    The bronze dash on the OBX killed it for me. Plus cactus dash in the badlands matches my exterior. Mainly wanted MGV and washout though. Sta-bar disconnect felt like a value that couldn’t be matched via aftermarket.
  17. Middle East Spec Wildtrak - No Sasquatch?

    From facebook user Mohamed Busamnoh: I passed by the dealer in Dubai and saw 2 Broncos on display. A 2 door Wildtrak GCC spec(non-Sasquatch) and a 4 door Outer Banks. Aside from the non-Sasquatch wildtrak, I found some interesting things compared to the US specs. The antenna on the 2 door is...
  18. 7 speed Manuel Vs 10 speed Auto.

    Biggest negative for the manual for me was no remote start. Well and not available on the 2.7L

    Agreed. Almost half the price for people who don’t need sliders though. And same basic function.