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  1. To Buy The Towing Capability Package or Not?

    No hitch without tow package but 125.00 and hour or two you are good to go. Curt has them available and simple to install. No wiring included.
  2. To Buy The Towing Capability Package or Not?

    Probably a smart move if you are not getting a Base. I’m betting there will be a plug and play version in the future, but that is only for the 4 bar, not the 7 pin.
  3. Off Road driving impressions of the Bronco after attending the Las Vegas Off Roadeo

    Thanks for the great review and insight. Still debating Nevada or Utah rodeo.
  4. 7 speed Manuel Vs 10 speed Auto.

    I amazed at all the people that say they drive manual transmissions yet still say they are complicated to do so. Granted, I’ve been driving manual transmissions longer than many have been alive but it’s just second nature. I don’t monitor the tach to know when to shift, I frequently hold the...
  5. How Great Was Moab I can Tell You

    Feedback on accommodations? Thanks for posting!
  6. True Brushguards

    No, the Texas deer are just smarter. They look up from eating as you wiz by at 75. The dumb ass deer up here go, “let’s try and stop that car by running in front of it”. I drove down to the hill country every 6-8 weeks for years. Saw millions of them since I left there at 1:00 am and headed...
  7. True Brushguards

    I had a Ranch Hand step bumper on my 95 Lighting. I could back into a deer and not make a dent! The step for towing was 5/8 plate. Could pull a building down with it! might need extra leveling in the front if you add a Ranch Hand!
  8. First impression of my SAS Badlands

    Looks great! Thanks for posting!
  9. Is there a big difference in the 2.3 and 2.7 with Sasquatch Package?

    It really comes down to which tranny you want IMO. I’ve driven both the 2.3 with the 7 MT and true 35’s and the 2.7 with SAS. The 2.3 even with only 4.46 gears was fine with 35’s but not “fast” and not a tea sipper. The 2.7 was quicker for sure if that’s what you are looking for. As for MPG...
  10. 2022 Model Year Bronco Order Primer

    @[email protected], As always, thanks for the update. Looking forward to re-entering my order to see what stays and what goes. May have to come back out and take the demos out again for a ride!
  11. I did a thing tonight...'64 C10 love.

    Nice. Kind of kicking myself for selling my mint 95 Lightning last year to make way for the Bronco. I wasn’t driving the Lightning much, but I’m not driving a Bronco at all at this point in time!
  12. Should I order a new 2022 Bronco?

    You can get running boards for the new Bronco and they will act as door bumpers as well.
  13. Door bag alternatives?

    The big benefit to me of the door bags is using them to assist with the removal of the doors. However, my opinion doesn’t count since I’m getting a 2 door and the only place my doors will fit are in the garage and not in the back. That being said, buy some 1/2 inch pipe insulation and place on...
  14. Tip: Turning off auto-start-stop - keep Sport Mode on

    Don’t you need at least Mid to get the 120v plug?
  15. Tip: Turning off auto-start-stop - keep Sport Mode on

    Sounds like the night light solution is needed with Badlands only then :cool:!
  16. Fastest build configuration to get a Bronco?

    Four door Big Bend or base Soft top 2.3 7 speed quickest way to delivery short of massive ADM in my opinion. edit: also, no reservations for now in any case.