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  1. Bronco Raptor Imaged with FORD Grille

    I'm suspecting that for now, they are just using current fenders and adding extended flairs under the camo, as the "body design team" is still finetuning the more Bronco R fenders and the testing team doesn't need them to test......... :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: I sure hope that the fenders...
  2. DelFab Solid Axle Swap Bronco SEMA Build Stretching Out 🐎

    AND an Drop Down Tailgate.......
  3. New Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch for 2021 Bronco

    Hummmm..... If @Ford Motor Company would not have Copied the Jeep's (swinging gate), this would have been a mush lesser issue...... (y)Great Job @Ford Motor Company!!! (yes.... the Great Job part was Sarcasm.......)
  4. Low Coolant & Sweet Smell Outside Vehicle

    Bottom Line - It's Still Under Warrantee.... If you find an issue, take it to your dealer... they should top off the coolant for free as well.....
  5. Curious Why it Seems so Many People Want a Manual Trans?

    I've had MTs in the past and my youngest son's first and only car was a MT. Lost my son several years ago, so getting a MT would be a way of me to bring back some good memories.......
  6. Is the 7 speed manual good for AWD?

    I don't think a 2.7L w/MT will be offered for 2022, but there's a chance that it could be for 2023 (I HOPE & Available in the 2D!!!!!), as that's the only thing that's got me holding onto my money. @Ford Motor Company , you know that you Should Have offered this Day One, but you also knew that...
  7. Cargo Safe (Locking Storage) by Console Vault - installation and review on 2021 Bronco

    IF the fob signal is still strong enough, just wrap the fob in Aluminum Foil (aka - Faraday Cage). As for still needing to carry a key, one small key on a necklace (like Dog Tags) shouldn't be a problem for most. I'd also think that this vault comes with two keys (OP can verify) and if so, the...
  8. [SPIED] Possible MY22 Special Edition Overland Bronco?

    In the close up photo of the winch, it appears that there "might" be 2 front cameras..... look at the openings in the upper left & right of the grill.
  9. Bronco Warthog / Raptor Prototype Tailed on Video

    Uuummmmm........ Ford's 6.8L Baby Godzilla...... (cough... cough....) is what the V8 folks are wanting... just saying......
  10. Tested out towing a 2900 lbs trailer with 2.7 Badlands w/ tow package

    @Ford Motor Company here's where a separate rear spare tire carrier (bumper mounted) and a Drop Down Tailgate would work better. The spare tire swings on a much smaller ark, the rear glass could be opened (as it would seal to the outside of the tailgate instead of the inside like it currently...
  11. Bronco Warthog Raptor Spotted Testing w/ Black Painted Modular Hardtop

    YES!!!!! @Ford Motor Company, put a 2D Body on the 4D Frame! (basically like what the BRONCO R was...)
  12. CNBC Report on Ford

    It sounds like it's a "Cosmetic" Issue and if that's what it is....... why can't FoMoCo just Paint Them????? I'd suggest White......
  13. What do you think MIC changes will be?

    From the CNBC Report (, it sounds like it's a "Cosmetic" Issue and if that's what it is....... why can't FoMoCo just Paint Them????? I'd suggest White......
  14. Concerns about Tachometer on Manual

    Has any current MT owners check to see if the dash display allows for the owner to switch how things are displayed? If so, there "might" be a traditional tach available. If that's not a feature, FoMoCo needs to offer it.
  15. Ford trailer brake controller unboxing

    So...... Why did FoMoCo add this feature/option to the Bronco if the Max Tow is to be set at a point where "most" trailers that are within the tow limits don't have electric brakes?????? Asking for a friend who tends to stir the pot...... ;)
  16. Something is very weird about the way the rear tailgate opens

    The mane thing is that it's a Swinging Gate instead of a Drop Down Tailgate like the EBs had. Yes, I'm one of those who whish FoMoCo would have given us the Original Version. The ability to backup to the family pond, drop the tailgate and fish with my grandson...... oh well.... guess I'll just...
  17. [Poll] How stupid am I for clinging on to hope of a future 2.7 V6 / 7MT Bronco?

    It's the ONLY REASON that I haven't placed an order for a Bronco. The ONLY REASON......... Come on FoMoCo!!!!!!!!
  18. OK So What's the Verdict? (Manual 2.3 or Auto 2.7?) POLL

    I'm right there with you! 2.7L/MT is what FoMoCo should have offered for the start. TTA is currently only available with the AT because FoMoCo Chose To Only Offer It With The AT. It could EASILY be done on MT's as it's a Brake Function and not a Transmission Function. IMHO, it was just another...
  19. Spied: Bronco Overland Sasquatch Prototype Caught Testing Winch, Snorkel and Roof Accessories

    So.... FoMoCo will be mating the MT to the V6 once this "different group of guys" come up with the design...... SWEET!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Will the Bronco Raptor will be 4 door only?

    #FoMoCo The Bronco Raptor/Warthog should come out first as a 2D on a 4D Chassis, if for no other reason that the Original Bronco was a 2D.