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  1. 🙌 MIC Top 2.0 equipped Bronco delivered from Dirt Mountain!

    Color? Looks to be a bit more gray than some of the 1.0 tops.
  2. Video: White Wildtrak with white painted hardtop and painted bumpers

    Paint a blue UN on each front door and it's ready to go overseas. LOL
  3. Last demand for supercel east people. Dogs in the 2 door

    Generally the problem is not room but access. They are too big to have jumping into and out of a vehicle and it can damage their joints. We bought a Honda Element for it's low entrance and rear seat removal to move him around. Prior to that we tried several different ramps for him to get in and...
  4. Xpel Stealth PPF wrapped Antimatter Blue Bronco

    Not usually a fan of Mat finishes, but this doesn't look bad at all.
  5. Xpel Stealth PPF wrapped Antimatter Blue Bronco

    @MConn Take a look at this example.
  6. Hammock swag gift thread

    My box came UPS not FEDEX and it was already opened for me. 1 Lb hammock that will hold 400 Lbs, and a note to 'Hang In There'. LOL Just tell me when I can re-order my 2 DR BL and start the color selection process all over again since Rapid Red didn't make the MY22 cut. :cautious:
  7. Dealership saying MY22 order banks opening on August 17th

    From the Official Ford "you are now a MY22 person" email: More details on 2022 ordering will be sent out in September. Your dealer will reach out at that time to place your order
  8. (Edited with adds) I am suddenly excited about the MY22 B&P release

    Got this today: Dear Future Bronco Owner, There's nothing we want more than to get your Bronco to you. But unfortunately, we're having appearance and quality issues with our hardtop roofs, such that Broncos produced to date will have their roofs replaced. As you can...
  9. (Edited with adds) I am suddenly excited about the MY22 B&P release

    there was a statement about being contacted by your dealer. I think pricing will be handled at that level, not at Ford. Time to see how many dealers follow through with the 'Price Protection' guarantee.
  10. Outrageous prices for Broncos on eBay

    Well I hope it holds for a while longer. If I can find the an FJ40 at the right price point, I will be selling mine when I get it.
  11. Congrats to Rick Astley

    So a big Congratulations to our own @Rick Astley for one Billion YouTube views of "Never Gonna Give You Up" . Great work my friend.
  12. Should I Sell?

    Take a at this site and see how you can dress up the Carbonized Gray.
  13. mdonathan56

    Emerald Coast Bronco Club

    No luck here, still waiting to hear something.
  14. Bronco, Jets and 🇺🇸

    Rapid Red impression....
  15. First Body Color Painted Grill I've Seen (Rapid Red Bronco)

    Big fan of Rapid Red; just not that much RR. Need to see some dark contrasts.
  16. HELP! What to do: Damaged Windshield when Delivered to Dealer?

    Maybe a tie down chain got loose. Looks like a simultaneous double impact to the window with collateral damage to the paint.
  17. My First Sacrifice for the Bronco. What's Yours?

    So far only this, My 1997 F250 7.3 Powerstroke Crewcab bought new in Dec 1997. Fortunately my son bought it so I can visit periodically.