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  1. Auto Start/Stop Eliminator Installation Notes and Review on 2021 Bronco

    Thanks for the write up. I find it interesting that in the vehicle settings on my '16 mustang I can check a box that disables this feature permanently until I un check the box.
  2. I'm buying a FCTP Demo Bronco

    Demos are often just new vehicles that the Owner Principal, their family and certain employees drive as a perk then are sold with miles as new never titled vehicles. My wife had that privilege for 20 years. I have had no issue with buying Demos.
  3. *UPDATE* What NOT TO DO when reinstalling doors. PSA: put a bolt in first or risk dent

    That really sucks. If I had done that, every time I'd look at it I would fly into a rage.
  4. One Week In - How livable is the new Bronco?

    I wonder if there is going to be a Ford performance tune upgrade for the 2.3 in the Bronco like there is for the mustang.
  5. Photos of Console Vault for Bronco

    No, we had a couple cool threads going about the firearms we had and that triggered.... something and some of us got slapped and the threads removed.
  6. Photos of Console Vault for Bronco

    YEAH! What he said!!!!
  7. My dealer received a Sport today

    I'll have to see if my SIL will let me drive it.
  8. My dealer received a Sport today

  9. My dealer received a Sport today

  10. Rock on !!!

    Came to see if the thread had gotten nuked or not.
  11. 2021 Bronco Parts & Accessories Guide (Including Pricing & Part Numbers)

    Three door is the two door with the rear swing out door being called the 3rd door.
  12. Rock on !!!

  13. Had to drive the 2.3

    I stage 2'd my 2.3 lt mustang with Ford performance. I don't have an issue with my fauxstang.
  14. Rock on !!!