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  1. Adding Rear Locker (for those that aren't squatching even tho we dream about it)

    Thanks for the write up, and yeah that’s all they told me at the off-roadeo regarding resetting the sensor. I’m not looking for bullet proof solutions but the hiccup did make me think a bit more. I’m hovering between a base base, basequatch, and standard badlands – the 28.5k entry level 2 door...
  2. 2021 Bronco Dealers: No-ADM, X-Plans & Special Discounts Master List

    Tagging @schase to hopefully save others from the frustration. Update: I was able to convince the GM to stand behind our agreement on MSRP. But just bear in mind their default position without any negotiations might be higher. Regarding the Bronco hotline, it is Ford policy not to allow an...
  3. Adding Rear Locker (for those that aren't squatching even tho we dream about it)

    Thanks for sharing! I'm just noticing this thread as I contemplate a base with switches over my anticipated BaseManSquatch. I plan on having onboard air and consider front and rear lockers essential for what I plan to do and to help compensate for lack of sta-bar disco (until after market...
  4. _jeff

    Central California Broncos

    @Hailey Jo Haha no worries, I totally know what you mean. I'm thinking more and more about just heading to HB if it's still there. I'll have to give them a call tomorrow
  5. _jeff

    Central California Broncos

    I forgot to update this thread but I called SM Ford and they said they don't have any 7MT
  6. Demo/Mannequin Tracker?

    I searched around for a bit and wasn't able to find anything on the subject so I'd like to suggest a new tracker for demo and mannequin units. I know many folks have already received their Bronco or VIN and plenty are set on what they've ordered at this point. However, since many others will...
  7. B&P Gets Additional Dealer Installed Options...still MY21

    Just noticed these additions to Build and Price, still for MY21. I posted about the backflip option a week or so ago but there wasn't a picture to go along with it. Now we have it and another option but with more of a placeholder image.
  8. Bronco Off-Roadeo Las Vegas Photo Dump

    Well damn, nicely done. It was really hard for me to even get out of the Bronco at the end of the day – it's gravitational pull is very strong
  9. Bronco Off-Roadeo Las Vegas Photo Dump

    I attended 9/4 but went alone and wasn't able to capture many photos – these are outstanding, thank you for sharing!
  10. $250 Voucher for Bronco Off-Rodeo

    I can confirm that money used to purchase merchandise at the Off-Roadeo Mercantile was refunded to my account 4 days after I made the purchase. I didn't realize this voucher even existed and although it would have been difficult to work out baby sitters for the kids, I would have loved to take...
  11. Learned that Jeep hate is real

    Completely agree. Much better to focus on what unites us, be it off-roading and driving in general or individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It's cheesy but it's also true.
  12. First Look: 2022 Bronco in Hot Pepper Red

    I believe that both these images are Race Red. They were shared alongside HPR images to show the “difference”. I’ll post the instagram post if I can find it (in fact some may have already shared it here) EDIT: I updated the OP with the Instagram post explaining the images.
  13. First Look: 2022 Bronco in Hot Pepper Red

    Great point, I updated the title
  14. First Look: 2022 Bronco in Hot Pepper Red

    See: EDIT: Adding Instagram post explaining the various colors.
  15. _jeff

    Central California Broncos

    @Mdemieville Yeah I've been teetering back and forth on that very idea for most of the summer. I'm starting to feel like if I've waited this long then I should just wait to see what all is available in 22. But especially now that I've done the Bronco Off-roadeo it's especially hard to wait.
  16. _jeff

    Central California Broncos

    @Hailey Jo Oh man, that's tempting but it would be 4-5 hours each way for me as I'm in Clovis.
  17. It’s 2024. Your second Bronco… what would you like to see?

    - MT/V6 - MT in 4 door base (hoping this comes in 22) - NA V8 (least likely of the bunch) - 210 standard up front - More a la carte options across trims e.g., Sta-bar disco, locker(s), 360 camera - Standalone autonomous package (makes it easier to avoid paying for things I don't want) - Manual...
  18. New Soft Top Option For Bronco 2-Door Showing in B&P?

    Thanks, I found it and requested a merge of threads.
  19. New Soft Top Option For Bronco 2-Door Showing in B&P?

    I was just doing my daily rounds of the B&P and this stuck out as something I don't think I've seen yet. Correct me if I'm just slow to the game or missed another post that either didn't show up in my searches or was posted while I type this explanation up. EDIT: I found the other post, could...
  20. Moab Off-Roadeo Report 08/21/21

    I called the Off-Roadeo hotline and spoke with Hunter last week. She said that as far as she had last heard the only MT available were at the Austin location. Had I known that I wouldn't have waited all summer for the closer location to open up… I'll be at the Nevada location on September 4th...