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    1st choice Race red for me. Second is Antimatter. So far antimatter is available on the Canadian website. Not sure if it will be gone. Two completely opposite colors. Love both. Thats for Badlands+sas.
  2. 🙌 MIC Top 2.0 equipped Bronco delivered from Dirt Mountain!

    Congratulations. Part of me was hoping 2.0 was going to be matte black.
  3. Should I trade my Jeep for the Bronco? – Justin B. McBride

    Lets hope. We have a ton of hope on this forum at this point, lol. sadly ppl shouldn't complain about stuff like that. What gets to me always is I keep thinking about the price of this vehicle. If it was a base civic Id say i got what i pay for in a way :p
  4. Should I trade my Jeep for the Bronco? – Justin B. McBride

    I would hope we could have that option for Broncos too. Thats a necessity.
  5. Should I trade my Jeep for the Bronco? – Justin B. McBride

    Yep, same here. Glad her brought it out. I think it could vary from person to person. We could see another review where reviewer could be fine in that atmosphere
  6. Should I trade my Jeep for the Bronco? – Justin B. McBride

    I always thought not having vents in the back was an odd decision by ford. Makes no sense to me. Personally what gets to me is : in order to get a heated steering wheel i need to get the Lux pack. I live in Ontario i dont want to wear gloves on a really cold day in the $60k+ car when just...
  7. Why would my order date be 6 months after I ordered and paid $1000 deposit

    To OP, keep your head up. Def not pleasant. Kind of what im doing. Started last month to deposit into separate account extra $500 +another 250$ (mods). Those $500 is the difference between Badlands and my current vehicle in monthly least payment. Thought i make it seam as if i had the...
  8. Ford engineers should just stop and ask why? It’s not hard.

    Reading things like that does not make me feel any better about the vehicle i really want. Everything in my brain tells me to stay away, not order for now or go for JLU. I do appreciate everyone's review tho.
  9. Hi

  10. 5500 Km update and impressions!

    Very nice. Love the look. Hope you resolve the issues. The black color is growing on me more and more.
  11. Mod #1 Srsly Ford. Mounted front license plate by drilling front bumper

    That yellow one with the plate in the middle of the bumper is alright. I was thinking to do the same, even have it on an angle with the bumper. (granted angle plate would be a test fit to see how the cops feel on the road)