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  1. First impression of my SAS Badlands

    Really considering switching to white for '22 ordering. after seeing several on here, they look awesome. @hauspwr Any dealer issues at pickup? Did they tack on ADM at time of purchase?
  2. I’ve only seen one….

    I've seen 1 fleetingly, in WI. The kid goes "There's a Bronco!" I turned slowly expecting another Sport (he has pointed out like 5 of them). Caught the tail end as it was leaving a restaurant. Appeared to be Badlands, soft top, non-squatch. Not gonna lie, I was jelly... If I was alone I may...
  3. 2022 Model Year Bronco Order Primer

    I'm very much concerned about dealer shenanigans with ADM. Having a price guarantee from Ford is cool and all, but it basically negates my signed contract for dealer pricing on a '21 model. So I can just about guarantee my shady dealer is going to tack on something. I would have had much more...
  4. 2022 Model Year Bronco Order Primer

    @[email protected] If we are reordering from scratch, can we switch dealers again with intact time stamp then or are we tied to the same dealer the initial build was placed with?
  5. Wisconsin Roll Call

    I should have I should have switched when I had the chance, as it's been straight garbage with my dealer. I'm hoping they allow a change when reordering for '22. I was planning on sticking with the hard top... but after finally seeing one around town, I'm pretty damn jealous and made me...
  6. Wisconsin Roll Call

    Nice. You're in the Shaw? (grew up there) How was Holiday to work with? Not actually familiar with them.
  7. Wisconsin Roll Call

    Anyone in WI get their Bronco yet? I finally saw one in the wild yesterday.
  8. **UPDATE** Bad info passed, Griffith Ford DOES NOT have a Bronco for sale! 27AUG2021

    Valid. I saw your post on that and didn't realize the stock photo part.
  9. **UPDATE** Bad info passed, Griffith Ford DOES NOT have a Bronco for sale! 27AUG2021

    Stock photos at the rail yard and says it's still in transit. Someone else had posted that when a customer order ships it automatically posts as inventory for the dealership. I assume that's the case here.
  10. Eruption Green & Hot Pepper Red Metallic coming for 2022 Bronco. Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue and Rapid Red Going Away

    I don't think so.. Everyone without a VIN has to reorder for 22. Won't be in the system. It's shitty.
  11. Will my Order be Auto-Canceled if I don't Re-Order?

    Just to clarify here; is this the email we're talking about? If so, this was just a generic blast and doesn't specify any timeframe and was not to certain reservation holders. If you were 7/14 res, I can't imagine you (or myself) being pushed out to '23. Even with MIC top and other...
  12. Will my Order be Auto-Canceled if I don't Re-Order?

    @JT58Bronc Was there an email outside of the mass blast from Ford about the roof issues and pushing to '22? I haven't seen anything additional and I am also 7/14 morning, BL\MIC\Lux\Tow, so I'm sure in the same boat.
  13. Switching dealers now that some of us are bring pushed to MY22?

    This whole thing should scare everyone the most. My '21 order price was in writing and signed. Now being pushed to '22 you will have price protection from Ford, but certainly not unscrupulous dealers, who will no doubt try to add ADM now when reordering. This is going to be a nightmare. @Ford...
  14. Hammock swag gift thread

    I don't think customer service has any clue on what's being sent. It's being managed by the Marketing Department. (POORLY) I called them after an online chat pointed me in that direction: Here at the Customer Relationship Center we are unable to speculate on the merchandise being sent to new...
  15. It’s a great day! Badlands is here!

    Congrats! I still hope you checked the mileage. Does your dealer have mannequin's for demo yet? If not, I wouldn't trust it.
  16. Hammock swag gift thread

    UPDATE: I called the Customer Relationship Center... After about a 15 minute hold and after verifying my info, they said they had the wrong address in the system. The city I live in shares the same Zip Code as a city next door. She said Swag would be shipped. I don't know how that could be...
  17. Hammock swag gift thread

    Online chat with Ford just now: Hello! My name is Darrian. How can I help you? ***** at 15:09, Aug 9: I have a Bronco on order and have noticed on the forums that many people are getting sticker packs and other swag from Ford due to the year+ wait time for delivery. I have not received...
  18. Hammock swag gift thread

    as with others, I haven't received anything. I'm curious on the rhyme or reason as to why some people are getting the sticker\brochure and now this. I know it's just stupid stickers, but annoying just the same. Yet another thing Ford is handling idiotically.
  19. Upgrading my 2021 Bronco speakers and overall sound system. Here's dash speaker details

    Anyone know about the B&O system amp? Are there pre-outs from the head unit that you could switch out to a better amp or is this proprietary? I know you can do a high\low converter for RCA, but that can be a pain and induce sound issues. (from previous experience)
  20. Received this from The Bronco Team -- Bronco concept art poster and a sticker

    Old post, but I; Did you ever get anything? I'm in Wisconsin as well, nothing here.