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  1. Jeep make the Xtreme package available to more trims to compete with the Sasquatch package.

    Three thoughts after reading the preceding comments: The Willys trim is not the equivalent of Base Bronco, it matches up with Black Diamond. Keep that in mind when doing price comparisons As such, Jeep still doesn't have an answer to BaseSquatch. Sport Extreme Recon next year? The Willys...
  2. Draw-Tite Hitch Installed on my 4-Door Badlands

    It's nice that this hitch, unlike the Curt, gives you a place to attach the wiring plug mounting bracket.
  3. 6/30 blend dates

    My estimate email on my 6/29 DMSC inmate is for this month as well. I've added this to the tracker.
  4. 6/30 blend dates

    Nope. FE isn't a Ford Performance vehicle and the existence of the FP/Warthog/Raptor version has been known since before the reveal last year. I'm far more annoyed about the DMSC situation than about a pic of the Bronco Raptor.
  5. @dealersider offer closed

    I think that this is a case where the Forum Administrators dropped the ball by not giving out some forced vacations before this got out of hand. I didn't get the hate. One of the options was "make an offer". I was going to submit one at invoice. It wouldn't get taken right away, but given he is...
  6. Help me spec rig for my house in Costa Rica

    I don't get the answers you got here on this post. It seems to be a major "bug" with this Forum! Anyway, Ford sells vehicles in Costa Rica, so while a US warranty probably won't be honored you should be able to get parts and service on a Bronco there. As for the config, it sounds like what...
  7. 2021 Bronco ForScan Thread

    As far as I know, you need FDRS to program a new keypad into the Bronco. In the box with the keypad is a very long code that is used to add the keypad to the BCM. IDS doesn't work with the Bronco and ForScan hasn't added this capability yet.
  8. 2021 Bronco ForScan Thread

    The Bronco keypad is programmed in like a keyfob. That won't show up in any of the AsBuilt fields.
  9. 2021 Bronco ForScan Thread

    You won't be able to enable the keypad code on the Bronco using the F-150 spreadsheet. The F-150 uses a wired keypad and the factory/owners entry code for it is stored in the BCM (BdyCM in ForScan). The Bronco one is wireless and the code is stored in the keypad itself.
  10. 4Runner TRD wheels fit Bronco Black Diamond?

    It looks like several posters here have found them before, see posts from @Thomas1984 and @rdass623 among others. A quick search on Amazon found a couple of examples like this and this.
  11. "Dirt mountain" Bronco storage lot - video & pics from today

    Only the 1st and last could be, as 🌵G and A51 are available colors on the FE. The middle ones are SB, CarbG and OW and those can't be FE's. So they are likely Wildtraks
  12. "Dirt mountain" Bronco storage lot - video & pics from today

    As I mentioned in Post 62...
  13. "Dirt mountain" Bronco storage lot - video & pics from today

    Look at the earlier DMSC photos... These are both LB FE's. No B-O bar or stickers.
  14. 4Runner TRD wheels fit Bronco Black Diamond?

    The lug pattern is the same but the Toyota center bore is slightly larger. There are spacer rings to fill the gap between the Toyota style wheel and the Ranger/Bronco size hub. A search should dig them up and they are pretty inexpensive if my memory serves me right...
  15. "Dirt mountain" Bronco storage lot - video & pics from today

    Interesting that this FE has it's B-O bar and sticker package. The other FE's at DMSC along the fence had neither, so maybe some of the earlier convoys were bringing these back to the MOD shop to install these. Also, as I last recall, MAP doesn't normally run on Sundays. So it was great seeing...
  16. No Bronco production Week of 9/13/21

    The Ranger and Bronco share a final line but have different body shops. They likely pulled all the workers from Bronco's body shop to get the tops replaced and a few from final since the workload is lower only running Ranger.
  17. First Look: 2022 Bronco in Hot Pepper Red

    I skipped this option on mine so that I could order the accessory one and sand/paint the cover Lightning Blue to match the door color. Then I found out you need a trip to a dealer and their FDRS computer to program the keypad in on these new vehicles where in the past you could program them...
  18. Not so "Xtreme" Recon Rubicon first delivery.

    I've seen them with both. I think the ones optioned with the 4A transfer case get the CV joints.
  19. Aloha, trying to help my sailor daughter out

    LOL, I had to look that up, how ridiculous. On Kauai we have this ridiculous trend of Tacomas with giant lift kits but tiny little wheels and tires. But at least back end is the same height as the front!