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  1. Should We Bother Checking The Tracker Anymore?

    I don’t need to track any more. Mine went from shipping to arrived at dealer today.
  2. Broncos stored as far as one can see @ Wayne, MI 🔭

    I think I saw mine!
  3. Dealer installed tow package, beware of cost

    Does anyone know if there are instructions on REMOVING THE BUMPER? I am not doing the wiring.
  4. In vehicle door storage bags 🙄

    I believe this is discussed on BN. SOFT-TOPS and On Board Door storage doesn’t work! Even though I have them on my BD Soft-Top build.
  5. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Got this this morning at 3:59AM
  6. Soft Top - Storage of Removable Window Curtains

    What do you Soft Top Owners plan to do with the soft top “window curtains” when you are folding your soft top all the way back or running with it in Bimini mode? I plan on having slip covers made for each “window curtain” (something like a pillow cover) that I can place them in to protect them...
  7. Bronco 4-door soft top - noise & rain review (top-up vs top-down)

    Question #2. I have wondered about this! We should have this as a topic.
  8. Who's a 7/19 build?

    My build date is set for 07/22/21. I got my window sticker tonight around 9:00pm. My Blend number is 0722. I am elated, everything looks good on it. Just like I ordered it. Now waiting for build date next week.
  9. Step-By-Step Instructions to Remove And Install Bronco Doors & Onboard Storage Kit / Bags [Official Ford Video]

    The On Board Storage Bags DO NOT come with Bronco unless ordered as an extra. They currently are not available as an accessory. Garage Story Bags are not for on board storage.
  10. Parking with the top off...

    If you only take top down to the first position, you can just pull back up & latch it. Then roll up the windows. Easy Peazy.
  11. Spending a lot of time with soft top down or off

    Why buy a BIMINI when you can “just take off side curtains and rear curtain” and you essentially have a Bimini.
  12. Hood Struts Kit For 2021 Bronco (Available August 1st from Redline Tuning)

    5 year warranty on Elite vs 4 year on regular
  13. Who's a 7/19 build?

    No sticker yet. I check every couple of hours. Lol
  14. Who's a 7/19 build?

    8/27 Reservation 01/25 Order 05/27 rec’d production week/vin of 07/19 07/03 dealer email saying build date of 07/22. No sticker yet.
  15. Got email from my dealer!

    Yes, Cloth Top. I should be third Bronco at my dealer. First arrived July 1, second build date 5 days ago, and mine scheduled to build July 22.
  16. Got email from my dealer!

    Reservation: 8/27/20 Ordered: 1/25/21 Ford production email: 5/27/21 - production week of July 19 Local dealer email: 7/3/21. - BUILD DATE JULY 22nd 2.3L; Area 51; 10 Speed Auto; Soft Top; Black Diamond; Auto 4x4; Mid Pkg; Tow kit dropped due to...