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  1. Rendered Illustration of Ford Raptor

    Why is it considered a Bronco Raptor, but just has Ford on the grill?
  2. Starting life with a 4dr Badlands Sasquatch - an owner's review

    Thanks for your in-depth review. Please keep us posted if there are any other issues. I hope you have a great time in your new Bronco!
  3. tracythemighty

    Cincinnati Bronco Club

    I'm definitely looking forward to meeting up with people to go off road. This will be my first off road capable vehicle. I doubt I will get mine until next year though. I have a day 3 reservation and 1/27/21 order at Beechmont Ford. Cactus Gray Badlands, 2.7L, 4D, Sas, High pkg., tow, MIC.
  4. 🙌 MIC Top 2.0 equipped Bronco delivered from Dirt Mountain!

    So after seeing the sound deadening headliner, is it worth getting it or no? I'm just wondering if I should take it off my order, or leave it. Thanks!
  5. tracythemighty

    Cincinnati Bronco Club

    Wow! You got a Vin and build date?! That's great! I am getting the 2.7 Badlands in cactus gray (unless I change my mind again) Sasquatch, MIC roof, high pkg and tow. It's way more than I need, but it will probably be my last vehicle and I have never bought new, so I thought, why not. I'm sure...
  6. Low Coolant & Sweet Smell Outside Vehicle

    Wow, good thing you checked. What would cause loss if there is no leak? Keep us posted on what you find out. Thanks!
  7. New Retro "BOSS" Style Side Stripes added to Website

    I like it! Does it come in other colors? I'm just wondering how difficult it is to install. I don't know if I trust myself to not mess it up. :unsure:
  8. Ouija board for build date?

    Please don't. I realize most will laugh at me when I say this, or they think that is just a game, but it is not. Messing with anything occult (ouija, tarot cards, horoscopes, etc.) is an offense to God. It is also like walking across a busy highway, sure you can cross and not get hit, but sooner...
  9. 2021 Ford Bronco Overland 2-Door Concept in 3D! 🤩

    Outstanding! You are so talented, and we all want one of those in our garage!
  10. nearly 20k mark up ON BASE at local dealer (link included)

    Sometimes I will look on autotrader, etc. for Broncos. Surprisingly, there are some listed in 30k-43k range if you look. I filtered for V6 and here is a link to that search...
  11. First Off Road Excursion - What a Camp!

    Thanks for your review. I'm glad you are out having fun in your new Bronco!
  12. A Velocity Blue Bronco Goes Retro With White Roof + White Fender Flares

    Not when you zoom in, ;) but thank you. I appreciate it.
  13. A Velocity Blue Bronco Goes Retro With White Roof + White Fender Flares

    I agree. I put another one with body colored fenders, I think it looks better that way.
  14. A Velocity Blue Bronco Goes Retro With White Roof + White Fender Flares

    I took the liberty of adding white to the bumper. Two versions, one with white fenders and one with body color. I know, it's not the best photo fix, but it will do. I think that it does look better with the bumper in white, if you're going for this white trim look. I know, I know, bring on the...
  15. A Velocity Blue Bronco Goes Retro With White Roof + White Fender Flares

    Thank you for being the pioneer when it comes to painting the Bronco! I think it's great that you are trying different looks!
  16. White & Black Bronco

    Not the best coloring job, but here you go.
  17. Color Matched Race Red 2-Door Big Bend with: Painted Roof + Painted Fender Flares + Gloss Black Grille + Fuel Wheels

    Ok, you'll find every combo, I think, shown above. If I missed one, or if you want a different color for handles, fenders, mirror other than black or white, let me know. ;)