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  1. [Updated With Outcome in Part 2 Video] Dealer marks up former employee's Bronco by $10k

    This is the dealer I was "assigned" when I placed my reservation day 1 because it's the closest dealer to me. I had previous service issues with them when I took in my expedition and didn't want to buy from them but I figured I would give them a chance. I talked with them 2-3 times before I...
  2. ProSim

    Pittsburgh/Tri-State Bronco Club

    @Timinpgh Awesome work so far on your build Tim! Steelies look great in white! I love the Jay Leno Bronco. Was thinking of doing same but I held off on my order and now AMB is going away. So it sounds like you'll have a monopoly on the AMB w/ white in Pittsburgh! Interested to see how your...
  3. Drone + Bronco vs G-Wagon and Wrangler @ Hungry Valley

    Me when that second song hit...
  4. ProSim

    Pittsburgh/Tri-State Bronco Club

    haven't seen any on the road. just the dealers. I know the "budget bronco" guy is from here and he's out and about with his AMB base
  5. Hauk Offroad Bumpers (Front & Rear) and Spare Tire Carrier For 2021 Bronco

    Spare mounted to rear bumper! Now we need a fold down tailgate option to go with it!
  6. Base Bronco Shawty Build Featuring 35’s by Hypebeast Dad

    I'm not a bronze wheel guy but those look great! I'd delete that front license plate though unless you're doing free promotion for that dealer. Congrats on living your best life! 🍻
  7. Ordered a AMB with a MIC top. Now what? No AMB for MY22?

    yeah I don't see why with all that has happened they would take colors away, especially AMB and LB. I get LB at least because it was FE only but they should keep the AMB for another year. I was between AMB and VB... AMB being a little too dark and VB being too light so I was hoping for a LB...
  8. I'm all in. - Selling my daily driver without a Bronco plan.

    You've always been a good man on the forums Mr Danger. Hope that karma pays off on your auction. Cheers to a high final sale price!
  9. Soft Tops Going To Dealer Stock

    No VIN. I've pushed to MY22 and per the email last week regarding tops, etc, maybe MY23. I'm part of the white top or body color top club.
  10. Soft Tops Going To Dealer Stock

    LOL no worries.... Didn't think you did. I'm wondering why I didn't get the email! I just double checked and nothing. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. Soft Tops Going To Dealer Stock

    Hmmm didn't see it. Thanks.
  12. Soft Tops Going To Dealer Stock

  13. Be careful out there.

    Considering the direction his sport was facing when it was on its roof, I'm guessing he was coming up the hill where the Hummer is at and was too far on the passenger side of the trail when he crested the hill and went over. From the one video it looked like the hill there is pretty steep and...
  14. Bronco Heritage Fender Badge Preview

    Depends on the color scheme of you bronco but my god why didn't ford put those on there instead of the stickers?!?!?
  15. 🎥: When you got a Braptor on your tail! 😂

    Damn that's wide! 🤯 Guys will be standing on their Braptors like Sir Mix-A-Lot! Braptor... got... back!
  16. Badlands vs Sasquatch Badlands

    I believe there is actually less travel on the sasquatch compared to the regular badlands.
  17. Lux wireless charging pad video?

    Wireless chargers are great but I prefer a dash mounted version and will most likely rarely use the built in charger. Its a great feature to have no doubt but I wouldn't suggest making a buying decision/upgrading for it alone. My 2 cents... 1) The design/location of the charger "well" on the...
  18. Video of camera views and other pics from Pittsburgh Bronco event

    Yes I was pleasantly surprised by A51 at the event. I'm a "blue" guy and A51 looked completely blue to me. I didn't notice any of the green/teal/aqua that I expected. Looking at some of the pics on this post (rear roll bars and front bumper) I do see the green a bit but I didn't notice it in...
  19. Video of camera views and other pics from Pittsburgh Bronco event

    Great pics and vid! We were there Wednesday and its interesting to hear your take because I kept saying to my wife while we were there how much of a difference there was between the FE and the BL because of the sasquatch w/ 35s. I must have been out of my mind excited seeing the Broncos...
  20. Open Wheel Wells To Engine Compartment - Concern?

    Awesome! I appreciate the effort!