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  1. Td66

    Bayou Bronco Club

    Saw one in West Monroe riding by the high school. 1st in this area. BR has sold a few so should be seeing them soon, I believe 8 so far.
  2. Anyone else buying another vehicle for now and keeping their order active?

    Purchased an F150 last week as my Bronco will be late 22 or 23. Holding on to the Bronco dream!
  3. Color Wraps

    For some reason I feel like there should be a gold chain hanging somewhere on this rig. Not sure where, but a gold accent, besides rims, would pop!
  4. Tuning of 2.7L Looks to be Limited

    To each their own! I'm getting a tune for multiple reasons besides just HP and TQ. When Bronco owners tune these, if/when transmission issues develop; everyone here will benefit from the knowledge a new "I broke my Transmission" thread will offer to members.
  5. Td66

    Bayou Bronco Club

    Just bought a truck at Allstar in Prairieville, they told me if I switched reservation; would be at MSRP. They have a demo OBX on showroom, after six months asking 5k over MSRP.
  6. I broke my Bronco Top! Smashed my soft top into garage wall

    Sorry for your loss, take the money and run! Short term, while waiting on insurance scam, eh money, try to band aid top with this stuff. I have had good luck with it.
  7. Brand new bronco overheated today [Updated 8/19]

    It may have overheated, but it looks great to have had a tree fall on it! Hope they fix it soon and get it back to you OP! Keep us updated please.
  8. COBB Tuning working on tune and bolt-ons for 2.3L Bronco

    Funny thing about a warranty, if you never use it, was it really there! My wife's 4 Runner, 2018 (8000 miles now) just had a recall on low fuel pump. That is the first warranty I've ever used. WRX and EVO were tuned and never had issues, plus improved mpg and throttle response, as well as TQ and...
  9. First Family Vacation with the Bronco - The Gateway to the West

    That smile took the edge off and otherwise crap day!
  10. Dealership saying MY22 order banks opening on August 17th

    My dealer said "you would respond to this thread"
  11. Hilarious 2021 Bronco pic

    Sorry, but not feeling the offset!
  12. Delivery delay emails have arrived [8/13]

    "Let them eat Cake." (FMC, 2021)
  13. Fording Deep - Our Bronco in Deep Water Showing Doors Sealed

    The guy treading water to your right was impressed, as was I. That had to of puckered your butt those "split" 10 seconds/50 feet when it could have taken on water. Ill subscribe to your youtube if you go back and cast a rod from your window, just joking. Thanks for posting!
  14. Advice needed - What to do when current car blows up?

    If you mean the car shakes real bad driving it, it will not blow up! But steering could be compromised. Jack car up and move each front tire manually side to side to check for play. Also look at tire tread to see which side may be wearing unevenly. I bet its a reasonably cheap fix on that model...
  15. Potential Hold Over Vehicles?

    You are the only one who knows what your family needs or desires. Lease a vehicle if you just want an SUV, then buy the Bronco later. I am not sure a Renegade will have a good resale value or even be a good choice based on value. Look at resale values if you really want the Bronco a few years...
  16. DIY Install of 4WP Level Lift Kit on Black Diamond 2021 Bronco

    Me and wife watched your video last night. I was amazed how well you take things in stride. Good information and subbed for future videos.
  17. DIY Install of 4WP Level Lift Kit on Black Diamond 2021 Bronco

    What is the Ford approved method for delivering Bronco's? BTW, good looking Ranger!
  18. Beadlock Capable Wheels Rings Removal and Color Changed (Powdercoated) - Non-Sasquatch Badlands

    You are a rebel, Looks great but Ford has now canceled your MIC top, bumper to bumper warranty, and your 1 trillion Ford points from Tiny's Bar and Grill!