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  1. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    I got my window sticker late last week and am not a FE but do have a MIC top.
  2. 🛠 9/20 Build Week Group

    Build sequence for that particular day. It's at the very top of the window sticker to the right of the build date.
  3. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    Best bet is to check with your dealer and see what the latest production info they have for your build is. Ford went on silent mode with emails regarding updates on build dates at the point that they acknowledged the MIC issues and resulting stoppage. Wishing you the best of luck hitting your...
  4. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    Just got my 9/27 window sticker within the last hour. It finally looks like they may actually build it this time. I've had so many build dates by now, I wasn't holding my breath for this one. 2 door Badlands 7 spd 2.3 Lux Build 346/420
  5. 🛠 9/20 Build Week Group

    I'm supposed to be moved to 9/28, but my status changed to "In Production" sometime in the last couple of hours. No window sticker, but I'm starting to believe they may actually build it at some point soon. Edit: window sticker showed up this evening with a 9/27 blend date. I'll be 346/420.
  6. 🛠 9/20 Build Week Group

    I got bumped from next week as well. That said, it's now "scheduled to day" of 9/28 so it's getting closer. We'll see what happens and if this new date holds.
  7. I haven’t received a notice from Ford but my dealer gave me a build date

    I wouldn't hold your breath. It would be nice if it actually happened, but I have lost count of how many build dates I have had. Ford kept me updated up until these last two dates. Now, I'm relying on the dealer. I have even hung up being "cautiously optimistic". Best of luck to you.
  8. First Edition Broncos w/ MIC hard tops start to schedule again with mid-October production estimate

    I'm in the same boat, but with a 2 door Badlands. After hearing absolutely nothing since 8/9 week came and went, I got a new build week of 9/20 sometime within the past 48 hours. That said, I'll believe it when I see it as it goes against everything Ford has outlined to happen. It also doesn't...
  9. VIN now shows as NULL in Tracker

    You are not alone. Appears that Ford's system is down and has been for a little while.
  10. Ditch your Fridge Magnets - Adhesive backed Heritage Bronco Fender Badges by BroncoDepotUSA

    Mine came in yesterday and I have to say, they couldn't look any better! Much appreciated and well worth the price, especially since I know who my dollars are going to. I have become very picky about where my money ends up going, and I'm happy to pay more for the right reasons and the right...
  11. Ditch your Fridge Magnets - Adhesive backed Heritage Bronco Fender Badges by BroncoDepotUSA

    Well, you scared me into ordering with the one-and-done uncertainty. Just ordered mine. Now, if only Ford can get their act together before I completely convince myself to just keep my current ride... Thanks for doing this. It looks great!
  12. Support for The Stig - B6G Call to Action

    If Ford were to overlook the positive resource that they have in The Stig, it would make me seriously concerned about what else Ford has overlooked or cast aside. While I can't speak for everyone, a very large part of why I have maintained my reservation/order is directly attributable to his...
  13. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Yes. I'm a BL and I'm pretty sure I saw an OB. Definitely not all FE, but from what I'm seeing in this thread it appears to make up the majority.
  14. Good News - Build Date Moved Up For First Edition Bronco Orders

    I'm back to 8/9 after being changed from 8/9 to 8/16 a week or so ago. No window sticker yet that would support moving back to 8/9 week, but seeing others makes me think this may be more than an email glitch. Trepiditiously feeling hopeful... 2 door BL, 2.3/7, Lux, optional wheels
  15. 8/16 Build Group

    Sounds like we have had the exact same dates assigned. I really hope this ends up being true, as it could be interpreted as a positive sign that they are still able to produce earlier than scheduled. I really hope that Ford can pull this launch off finishing strong.
  16. 8/16 Build Group

    Not complaining, but my date went back to the week of August 9th. I was quite surprised to see that as it is the last thing I would have expected. That is where I was prior to moving to the 16th. Not getting my hopes up just yet as there is still no window sticker and I can see this being them...
  17. Stuck in production/lost/not shipping

    Last time I ordered a vehicle and the manufacturer told me it was "lost", what they meant to say was that the container that the 350z was in had fallen off of the ship. There is a better than fair chance that yours isn't quite this "lost". As much of a fiasco that my 350z order was, Nissan...
  18. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Just got my email tonight after verifying my build week and day yesterday. I could see there being a few from this forum getting bumped, but this seems like a significant portion of respondents to this 8/9 build thread. I have no faith in Ford's provided build dates anymore. This can just keeps...
  19. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Finally broke down and called my dealer today to see if I had been scheduled to the day or bumped to another week. I'm showing as scheduled to the day of the 10th. I'm almost allowing myself to be hopeful that this date sticks. No window sticker yet, but it hasn't kept me from checking every...
  20. What is the best way (not cheapest way) to lift your Bronco?

    That lift you are wanting doesn't exist yet, but it will. Patience will pay off.