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  1. Power seats not an option?

    what does Leather-Trimmed/Vinyl Seats mean??? To me it sounds like mostly vinyl, how lam. I want leather not vinyl with some leather accents
  2. Tuning the 2.7L Bronco engine
  3. Official Area 51 vs Antimatter Blue Ford Bronco Paint Color Samples - inside, sun, shade

    wonder what antimatter's paint code is, looks simillar to Ford Performance Blue
  4. Where are you in the reservation line?

    you all moved up one, I cancelled my order and Bought a new GT500. There are going to be many like me disappointed enough to cancel there reservation
  5. How good will Bronco aftermarket support be?

    The aftermarket is already huge for the classic broncos, so you know those companies will also support the new bronco, plus all the Jeep aftermarket companies will jump on this market, it will be huge
  6. Why no 33's on any trim besides badlands?

    I am not going to spend 55 grand or more unless it has what I want. If I can't get it the way I want there are other choices. I know what sport and sport+ modes are I have driven plenty of fords with both modes
  7. Why no 33's on any trim besides badlands?

    sorry meant reservation date, someone asked
  8. Why no 33's on any trim besides badlands?

    if I buy a Wildtrak and put 33's then my gears will be to low
  9. Why no 33's on any trim besides badlands?

    I am pissed at the Bronco team, not ford in general Build date was 7/14 but cancelled it today Yes Baja mode would be fun sometimes, but don't always want to be in a sport mode on steroids, most of the time want regular sport mode
  10. Why no 33's on any trim besides badlands?

    I would have gone badlands, but it has no sport mode. I won't buy it without sport mode It's OK this has Sport mode
  11. Why no 33's on any trim besides badlands?

    well folks, this tread really doesn't matter anymore, since I can't get a Bronco the way I want, I am bailing. I am a pissed at Ford, The Bronco could have been bad ass and a game changer, but Ford decided to get cute offering 6 cute sounding models instead of doing things right, and letting us...
  12. What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    I am bummed that it's looks like no Bronco for me, but if things work out I'll still be happy I really wanted a Bronco, but I can't get a Wildtrak with 33's or a Badlands with sport mode. Plus waiting 8-12 months is a factor in my decision to go a different route. I made a offer on a GT500...
  13. Wildtrak suspension vs First Edition?

    if you look at one of the rock crawling videos when the spotter told the driver to engage the front locker you can see the driver using the Hero switch on the dash to engage the locker. So looks like lockers are not controlled by the goat mode
  14. 2.3 vs. 2.7 ultimate pro/con list

    only con for the the 2.7 is cost, other than that no replacement for displacement
  15. 2.7L Option get bigger front Diff

    shows available in any model where it isn't standard
  16. Modular Hard Top question

    Ya I saw that, which is why I was asking if the middle section could be used as well. Maybe one of the 200 accessories will be a rear section to do a full top without the rear sides
  17. What will you first do after delivery?

    put some real wheels and tires on it, can't drive it stock
  18. Swaybar disconnect. Worth the upgrade to badlands?

    I may have to go with a badlands even though I want a wildtrak, If I have to go Badlands I might put a conventional sway bar on it. I am sure Fords design is better than Jeep, but still don't trust it. A conventional sway bar will never disconnect while taking a hard corner on the street
  19. Bronco Wishlist to Ford

    White white white hard top
  20. Modular Hard Top question

    I hope on the 4 door you will be able to remove the rear section, and leave the front 4 sections attached