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  1. Pics: Ford Accessory Hood Scoop and Fender Flares by Air Design installed on 2021 Bronco 2-Door Big Bend

    Had an '05 Saab 9-2X that was a rebadged WRX with a hood scoop. Those look pretty rad and feed the top mounted intercooler. Not a big fan of fake scoops and vents on things but this is autozone grade tacked on.
  2. 🦖 Bronco Raptor Officially Confirmed and Teased by Ford!

    The F-150 Raptor has trouble fitting on trails as well so I'm guessing this will be more desert running oriented. Seems like so far that the non-sas badlands is the most tight trail friendly trim.
  3. 🦖 Bronco Raptor Officially Confirmed and Teased by Ford!

    Glad everyone here is super salty as predictable cause this isn’t their order email. They’re not going to stop developing cars just cause they can’t build YOUR Bronco. That just doesn’t make sense. Those amber DRLs are incredibly cool. I hope the aftermarket offers something like that for the...
  4. Ford Wants To Compete With Tesla, But Its Dealers Are Getting In The Way

    I do respect Tesla for a decent amount of things, starting the EV trend, doing direct to consumer, trying to ensure their reps aren’t pushy, but fair to the consumer isn’t necessarily one lol. They mess up on QC and product consistency (parts being changed over the years and no one knows which...
  5. [Updated With Outcome in Part 2 Video] Dealer marks up former employee's Bronco by $10k

    Has Granger been doing signed order agreements? I have one currently for the $2k off invoice but that build has a modular roof. I’d love to get an agreed upon price (Ford said they’d be offering price protection which helps), but I just want to do a bit of covering my a**. Don’t have to remind...
  6. Lifted OBX mud stuck from the jump. Black diamond says- hold my beer!

    True but the cliff makes for a much better story.
  7. Bay Area Metal Fab Front Bumper For 2021 Bronco

    Customer service is useless 99% of the time and getting an older person typically results in the employee more interested in giving a crappy attitude when a simple question is asked. Usually find the younger crowd is not only more helpful but also more patient. Not a cover all but most...
  8. Bay Area Metal Fab Front Bumper For 2021 Bronco

    Because no one wants to post the price they have for others, it’s around $650-800 for their current Tacoma and Wrangler offerings. Didn’t know posting a number took more effort than leaving a snarky remark.
  9. New Hampshire Bronco Off-Roadeo Newbie Experience

    I knew that personal insurance covered rental cars but didnt even think about it for this. Feel like I just wasted $75 cause my deductible is less than $3.5k obviously.
  10. 2022 Model Year Bronco Order Primer

    All good info. Unfortunately still going to be waiting a bit for my modular white top. Main car that would pull me away from the Bronco was the ‘22 WRX but Subaru completely botched that.
  11. Well, this Bronco accident sucks for someone

    Yep it’s a Ford not a Tesla. They don’t struggle with parts availability after a model has been in production for a a year plus. Just crappy scenario rn combined with new model. I doubt this person will get an above MSRP payout and expecting that is a bit ridiculous. It’s not a rare...
  12. Bestop site now showing 2021 Bronco Top Options

    The Bronco’s top separates into 4 pieces vs the Wrangler’s 3. There’s no mid panel for the Wrangler.
  13. Bestop site now showing 2021 Bronco Top Options

    Knowing that you can store it under the hard top at all times is a pretty big draw. Might consider that if they don’t make a flip top for front & mid.
  14. Bestop site now showing 2021 Bronco Top Options

    Couldn't be more wrong. The endcap is a pain to remove alone if swapping between the 2 and protects all the equipment in the trunk. The rear windows on the soft top also look terrible and the flip up glass is a much easier way of accessing cargo vs the weird prop rod. Also if you have to store...
  15. Bestop site now showing 2021 Bronco Top Options

    Has anyone been in contact with Bestop about covering the front two rows for the 4 door? If they come up with that it makes the soft top totally moot for me.
  16. DIY white steel wheels installed on my Base retro build

    Are the General Grabber ATs regarded as good off road tires for lite/moderate off roading while still being good on road? Been considering getting those eventually and saw they come in a decent amount of sizes.
  17. @dealersider offer closed

    @DealerInsider Are there any special lease offers for Wranglers or Bronco Sports? Looking at them for the GF.
  18. Received letter on Customer Satisfaction Program 21B49 - MIC Top Replacement

    TFL's top would like to have a word clunk or two about it being purely cosmetic. Are there any updates on who the MOD top manufacturer will be? One can only hope it's not half as problematic.