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  1. Disaster! My incoming Bronco destroyed by trucking company! Please help

    Totally f’d, but let’s not be dramatic. No frame damage. No drive train damage. It can and will be fixed. 5 or 6k and that’s with a full tank of premium. ; )
  2. Disaster! My incoming Bronco destroyed by trucking company! Please help

    Well. Not destroyed, but I would imagine no one wanting it because it’s been f’d up for a new vehicle. Once fixed, there will be a line of people that will buy it as a repaired vehicle.
  3. DelFab Solid Axle Swap Bronco SEMA Build Stretching Out 🐎

    Nice job. His money. His bronco to do what he wants.
  4. Bronco 2 weeks old and makes horrible boiling noise when hot

    I think your typewriter and cement mixer are f d up too.
  5. New Hampshire Bronco Off-Roadeo Newbie Experience

    - Every vehicle besides the one I drove had the sasquatch package. I definitely was struggling more than the other drivers since I had the stock 33" badlands A/T tires, They didn’t use the vehicles in the photo. The front row has 5 Broncos with 33 inch tires.
  6. Baja Designs Pocket Fog Light Kit Full Install on 2021 Bronco ***VIDEO***

    You will have to rotate the yellow lens also if you want the sae label and logo upright.
  7. Wheel Survey- Which Style

    depending on what style i was going for. i have always been a method fan. but tall thin aggressive tires on the white wheels is a pleasing to me also.
  8. Baja Designs Pocket Fog Light Kit Full Install on 2021 Bronco ***VIDEO***

    yes, i have these waiting in a box in the back seat of my jeep. so if my bronco dont show. i own a nice highly priced hammock. Sooo, I went ahead and wanted to assemble these tonight because I saw a video stating missing hardware. Yes, I’m missing the hardware that attaches these brackets to...
  9. Not so "Xtreme" Recon Rubicon first delivery.

    Don’t look right. Also looks to be built for the mall crowd. Just like most turn into anyway. So well done.
  10. Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator

    I agree, saw this video and if I were to do this. I would try to think of all things dash removal related and do at the same time. Only difference would be using a small towel to lay over gauge unit to minimize potential scratching.
  11. Asking for feedback on what to do with the Ford Customer Satisfaction Money

    how about a third programmed key for every bronco. we may not need it, but when we loose or break one, the replacement after the fact is quite high.
  12. SHADOW BLACK Bronco Club

    Thats tooo much. How much do the rings cost from Ford.
  13. Manual Take Rate - 25% per Ford Authority

    I’ve seen only manuals available for sale here in so cal. 4 of 4. But the 30k mark ups surely don’t help sell either.
  14. Hammock swag gift thread

    Saw and touched my first bronc. 🥲 sales guy said it was for sale. I also saw that the f150’s had removable crash bars. Don’t know why. The wheel well opening is smaller then the bar location. Why not make them permanent.
  15. Hammock swag gift thread

    what weighs 1.3 lbs from TEN10 Design from FEDEX i already got the sticker and picture over a month ago.
  16. Dogs Getting In and Out

    My dog jumps in. All doors. Even the back door with the seats folded forward. I like taking my mutt on runs. If he couldn’t get in. I would build a fold down step that slides into the receiver.
  17. Bronco Sales Price

    See if they can sell you the extended warranty instead so they can make their extra markup. Win for both. That’s what I would try.
  18. Blue Ox Baseplate Flat Towing setup test. Baseplate now available

    I’ll will (maybe) have the modified bumper and would like the connection point higher please.