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  1. Julz670

    Midwest Bronco Bros & Sis

    Sitting here a couple hundred miles north, im pretty jealous

    Damn, I think we did it again guys, we scared another one away lol that dude left and aint looking back

    Well dont compliment, now i feel bad! Just had to give you a little initiation to B6G, its a wonderful, fun, and hostile place! Haha In all seriousness, all are welcome here =) congrats on the sport and good move starting there then trading up later. Be glad you havent been part of this fiasco...

    gtfo of here with your 3 month wait! I been waiting over a year for my Bronco 2dr haha! Go back to your sport forum! lol j/k (kinda...)
  5. Painful (but responsible) solution to MIC issue decided. Announcement imminent.

    Remember when we were all worried about our reservation timestamps? 🙃
  6. Painful (but responsible) solution to MIC issue decided. Announcement imminent.

    Today was my blend date... 2dr MIC BD. Wonder where that chip fell
  7. Good News - Build Date Moved Up For First Edition Bronco Orders

    When you use the tracker you'll see a link to the window sticker about a week before going into production. Blend date is the date they blend all your parts into a Bronco and appears on your window sticker
  8. Good News - Build Date Moved Up For First Edition Bronco Orders

    I got an email on saturday last week that mine was moved from Aug 9 to Aug 16. Next day i get an email that it is moved from Aug 16 to Aug 9 🤷‍♂️ Window sticker showed up on Aug 4 showing a blend date of Aug 11 🤞
  9. Possibly The Best Rooftop Tent For The Bronco

    So how stupid would it be for me to put a 141 lbs tent on the roof of my 2dr? My wife may have already bought it lol I know its over the dynamic weight limit, but what are the risks? Damage to the roof? I know rollover risk increases of course but does that extra 30 lbs over the limit really...
  10. Ok, Who Are The MN Future Bronco Owners!?

    Drove past Midway Ford in Roseville and they had a 4dr A51 soft top out front, didnt have time to stop though
  11. Ok, Who Are The MN Future Bronco Owners!?

    Original build date of 7/12 got moved to 8/9🤞 reserved 7/14 at 12:20am. 2dr BD Mid A51. I really hope i dont get moved again Edit: yes, yesterday was a very sad day for me. Poured one out for the Bronco that should have been
  12. [Update: Only 1 Hour of Production Lost] MAP Flood Yesterday Suspended Bronco Production

    Saw this news, then got an email that my build date was pushed back from 7/12 to 8/9 ☹
  13. "Manual Transmission Could Be Forced Into Retirement"

    A manual transmission is what I was looking forward to the most during the unveil. Demand for the 7MT would be higher if Ford didn't make it so hard to get one with any kind of creature comforts. Mid only available with manual in the Badlands?! Some bullshit... I live in Minnesota, heated seats...
  14. Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

    Lol i saw that thread and decided to avoid it and ask the question here instead 🤣
  15. Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

    I don't disagree, because to me it looks like they could just cut the pipes like they do, and take the cat and the lock depending on how you have it attached to the vehicle 🤷‍♂️...
  16. Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

    Anyone have any experience with a cat lock? Think this would actually help to prevent theft? Probably wouldn't stop them if they really wanted it, but may deter some from even trying and just move on to an easier vehicle.
  17. Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

    Welp... one of those fucking crackheads got me... Got in my little Outlander Sport yesterday to head to work, fired it up, and quickly discovered my catalytic converter and O2 sensors were stolen over night. Thing sounded like a god damn Trackhawk it was so loud! Well ok, not that loud, but...
  18. May 27 Email Group!

    FUCK YEAH!!! July 12 production! Finally! Day 1 res, 2dr, BD, Mid
  19. Things that are overrated...

    Sounds like you need a Bronco Sport, homie.
  20. Placing an order this late in the game?

    Regardless of timeline, cancel that order and stick with Granger. You won't regret it.