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  1. trade in values exploding

    My trade in for my high mileage 2016 Prius is paying for half of a newer Lexus NX300... I’m picking it up tomorrow. Insane. (Still getting a Bronco but looking like 2022 or later...)
  2. Toyota Trailhunter

    New 4Runner looks to be released next year. FJ based on the same body, so definitely possible.
  3. Ford Stock !

    The Bronco won't be factored into stock price until deliveries and demand is released to analysts and banks. This is mostly EV related. A lot of Wall Street speculation from auto stocks are cyclical, cost saving measures, or investments in EV. Individual trims barely make much of a difference...
  4. Black Diamond with Steel Wheels, Who ordered/Is going to order

    I moved up from Big Bend to Black Diamond for MGV seats, washout floors.... and those black steelies!
  5. Dealer meeting today, more info should be coming soon

    Makes sense. Big Bend is going to be the most produced trim. Looking at Sport availability it’s 3 to 1 Big Bends.
  6. Ford Black Diamond color

    Looks good to me...
  7. First Reviews When?

    Agree with the likelihood they will roll out at the same time MachE and Sport reviews did. A couple weeks before customers start receiving them.
  8. Cactus Grey vs Lunar Rock

    Saw several Cactus Gray sports the last week. (I live in a big Texas city) Very nice light color especially at sunset. My girlfriend thought it was khaki colored when we spotted one at night.
  9. What to Do with $40,000 Budget?

    Black Diamond with Mid Package.
  10. Bronco Black Diamond Interior & Seats Pics!

    The Black Diamond interior is worth the extra $125,196 it now costs on B&P.
  11. Build & Price Updated: Auto No Longer Free For Mid-Level Trim + Other Changes

    Hmm... priced my build and the first time it was $3k for mid (auto not free). Refreshed the page and showed $1500 for mid (auto free)...
  12. Levine Says New Bronco Colors and Special Editions Coming!

    What’s really clever is it can help them stretch out deliveries with some justification. Look at Mansquatch late availability as an example. If you are offered a green Bronco but told it’s a longer wait, most would be fine with it.
  13. 9 NEW Broncos @ factory by Ford Stig! Bronco-palooza ???

    Black Steelies look good as hell!
  14. Bronco spotted with possible front license plate placement (pics)

    Here’s the license plate location on a moving vehicle.
  15. Update from Ford: reservation timestamp determines production priority & FordPass points loyalty gift

    If Bronco Sport is any indication, majority of “stock” units built and available will be BASE + BIG BEND in all the metallics (black, white, silver, etc) Right now 80% of the Sports on lots near me are a mixture of those.
  16. Update from Ford: reservation timestamp determines production priority & FordPass points loyalty gift

    I’m sure we all got it, but just case some went to spam. Email from Ford: Hello, We know you are excited to get your new Ford Bronco™, and we are committed to delivering a high‑quality product as soon as we can. As a result of the unprecedented effects of the COVID‑19 pandemic on our...
  17. What sort of weird things are you cross shopping the bronco with?

    I’m all over the place. Maybe Range Rover HSE and just keep it on the streets but I really dig the green TRD pro 4Runner with Yakima...
  18. Video: 2021 Ford Bronco ordering Q&A

    This is such a bad quality video. No one has a good lens, good mic, etc. Real hostage demand vibes. They aren’t even trying to be professional. Anyways, seems like you are at the mercy of your selected dealer and their respective allocation for most aspects of your build/order. The dates are...
  19. Bronco spotted with possible front license plate placement (pics)

    I believe it’s a Cactus Gray Black Diamond with upgraded wheels and soft top.
  20. Impressed with BRONCO SPORT

    My closest dealer has 12! Not sure how many are reserved but that’s what’s on the lot. The vehicle is perfectly fine and fills in the small SUV market with major off road capabilities. All of the folks saying it’s too small might wanna shop for Tahoes or Tellurides instead. Not sure if they’ve...