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  1. Known Cargo Dimensions (so far) for 2-Door and 4-Door Broncos
  2. Year change - at what point does my Bronco become a 2022?

    Aside from what has already been said, normal production is scheduled to change to MY22 in December. Under normal circumstances, this would mean that MY21 and MY22 would be getting delivered alongside one another into January.
  3. Any Idea When the 22 Order Banks Open

    Zach seems to believe a new (updated) order will need to be submitted.
  4. Question about Aux light switches in Outer Banks model:

    Some have already reported that the wiring is there, even on models without the switches spec'd. No idea whether models will continue to ship that way. Check out this thread:
  5. From Reservation to Order Confirmation for Production in November Took 38 days.

    Oh my god yes. I thought they’ve been on the sin list for a while.
  6. From Reservation to Order Confirmation for Production in November Took 38 days.

    Congrats! Anyone surprised by this hasn't been paying attention. The Broncos are there to be had as long as you want what they can build. If you want something other than what they can build, you're gonna have to wait.
  7. I haven’t received a notice from Ford but my dealer gave me a build date

    Dealers can also see what orders are “previewing” when Ford will assign a VIN soon as long as they have the parts on hand. So, it is absolutely feasible that a dealer will know before Ford communicates it directly to a customer. (this is used when a specific part is not available, and a dealer...
  8. Test Drove my dealers 2.3L Badlands Demo and talked with sales manager

    Your dealer is making a lot of assumptions and guesses that do not align with what Ford has actually communicated and/or what we know here. I don't have the time to go down point-by-point, but all your answers can be found on this forum. *caveat is that all of this could change at any...
  9. 4 Door overall length

    My understanding is that it includes the rear view camera, which extends even further than the tire. Differences in length are attributable to the different front bumper/shackle mounts, and the rear camera proboscis may be two different lengths depending on the stock spare tire width. I am...
  10. Towing an Opus Air 4 (Op4) Trailer?

    Does the tongue weight of the trailer count against the Bronco payload? If so, there’s less than zero overhead for gear in your scenario…
  11. Locking Diff shows on Dealer order sheet, not on tracking

    The email doesn’t show everything… not sure how it picks what to display, but there’s a few threads here of people noting the email lacked some important details. It is just a “summary” after all. If it’s on the order sheet that’s what matters.
  12. Gadget Dash Rail (can't recall official name) - Where listed!?

    Yep! A lot can change in 9 months. ;)
  13. First pineapple interior mod

    You must be new here. Also, yes.
  14. 4D cargo dimensions

    Old thread before any one of us actually owned a bronco, but very comprehensive (if I do say so myself): From that thread:
  15. I'm ordered

    Neat! Welcome to the forum!
  16. Who has priority? me with a reservation and no order vs going into the dealership and placing an order?

    Since you dont actually have an order yet, (only a reservation), literally *anyone* with an actual order has priority over you in line. Once you place your order, you will have priority over anyone with a later timestamp than yours… and as long as they have the parts, and your dealership has...
  17. Order Conformation

    The “contact dealer” on the website isn’t telling you to contact your dealer, it’s just the link to provide you with your dealer contact info. Poorly worded and presented. The only order confirmation to receive from Ford is an email sent to you at the time the dealer submits the order… many...
  18. My Hard Top BL got previewed today, my FE did not.

    The last step before an order is given a VIN and scheduled to be built, it is “previewed.” On the dealer side if they log into their ordering system, they can see which orders are in preview. This is important because not only does it give a head’s-up and final chance to change an order, in...
  19. Thoughts on 2 dr vs 4 dr drivability?

    I was actually shocked they included that footage during the reveal… that oscillation looks miserable. I may have even laughed out loud imagining the poor test driver in that moment under the cool music and intense voice over: “AH OH UGH UH FUCK AH SONOFA ACHK OH”