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  1. Bronco Sport rolls down Black Bear Pass

    All things considered, the passenger compartment is in incredibly good condition for rolling off a 400ft cliff.
  2. 2.7L Issue

    Yes, it's very unusual. I've had two F-150's with 2.7's ( 1st and 2nd gen) and have been on the F150 forums for years. I've never seen these sorts of issues with any significant frequency. Given the small number of broncos out there it is a bit disconcerting.
  3. First Look: 2022 Bronco in Hot Pepper Red

    Very nice, HPR just made it into my top 3
  4. Additional Dealer Mark Up

    Ford discourages the dealers from doing so, but dealers are not owned or controlled by Ford. That's why they encouraged res. Holders to come up with an agreed sale price before ordering.
  5. OBX or Wildtrak?

    Since your concerns are appearance only, stick with the OBX, get some wheels and tire, save yourself a bunch of money.
  6. Possibly flipping my Bronco

    You'll want to wait until you actually own it before listing it. Ford can prohibit sales to flippers, and they do actively search for this sort of thing. Also you will need to make sure the buyer is not an illegal exporter. Ford, and other manufacturers have gone after these exporters, as...
  7. For those worried about no sport GOAT mode on Badlands

    That was my experience when I test drove my dealers Wildtrack. There are definitely lots a little differences in throttle mapping and stability control between the modes. Baja felt dead off the line compared to sport when driving on pavement. Which makes sense, if put full power down from a...
  8. For those worried about no sport GOAT mode on Badlands

    They are still different in the Bronco. Baja holds gears in a similar manner to sport mode, but throttle response is limited off the line like in slippery and sand mode.
  9. AMB Black Diamond Build: 33" Nitto Ridge Grappler tires + 17" RTR satin charcoal. Stock suspension

    Very nice. That's the first set of aftermarket wheels on the Bronco that I like. Attractive, but without looking like a set of tuner wheels.
  10. Engine Running Hot?

    My F-150 with the 2.7 is always in the low 200's in the warmer months.
  11. It looks like Broncos are hitting the lots.

    Yes, I got a call yesterday from my dealer. They are getting some in and going down the list of res. holders to give us a crack at them before putting them on the lot. All non sas, base and BB 2.3 soft tops. That said I've waited almost a year and half, I can wait another 3-4 months to get...
  12. Reality changed my mind. I'm "Team Cactus Gray"

    Don't tell my wife that. I already had a hell of a time getting her to let me pick a color other than cactus.
  13. Asking for feedback on what to do with the Ford Customer Satisfaction Money

    If it was $1000, taking it off the top would be great, but $200 is gonna take 30 cents off my monthly payment and I could care less. I'd prefer some more unique swag at that point. Just my opinion.
  14. Ford's Bronco Customer Satisfaction Funds Plan Will Help Dealers Manage Order Waits

    I appreciate the effort on Ford's part, but that's a bizarre approach. Factoring in markups, they could have given us all $2k-$3k in accessories for the same cost to them as handing out $1k to the dealer.
  15. New article with a spin on the hardtop I hadn't heard

    The initial tops that were extensively tested and OK'd were made at a rapid prototype shop in Germany by Webasto and didn't exhibit any of these issues. For whatever reason that I'm not aware of, the actual tooling used in the factory could not reliably produce the panels according to spec...
  16. For those who ordered Rapid Red...

    There is definitely something about the way Ford does their tri-coats, and even metallics that makes them look dull in a lot of lighting conditions. My wife's Hyundai looks like a bass boat and sparkles in my the sun like a diamond. On my F-150 you almost have to be looking directly at it on a...
  17. For those who ordered Rapid Red...

    Probably will go back in to A51, but I'm definitely open to hot pepper. I'll need to see it in person first before ordering. Even though I hate the color yellow I think the Bronco looks incredible in CO, so I've been toying with that idea too, but im not sure I can stomach paying $600 extra for...
  18. The Gentleman's Offroader for Those Who Drink it Shaken Not Stirred

    "It remains assured, no matter the circumstances...unless it's doesn't do rocks...or...or if it's like reeeaaaalllly steep. Like...steep and rocky...that's a definite no go. Slightly muddy English fields though... completely assured"
  19. Rust on steel bumper of black diamond

    And that's why I didn't want the steel bumpers. Been there, done that.
  20. Disappointed, not one full size in 600 miles

    I've seen probably 10 non dealer or manufacturer ones so far, including 3 in one day, but strangely haven't seen one in about two weeks, and it really tapered off even before that.