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  1. Pics: Ford Accessory Hood Scoop and Fender Flares by Air Design installed on 2021 Bronco 2-Door Big Bend

    As someone who has a truck with a fake scoop.... These Broncos are pretty goofy looking.
  2. Couldn't wait for my build any longer. Managed to snag a 4 door Badlands off the lot.

    My local dealer in MB has a Badlands they're selling for $5k over. I've bailed on my Bronco a while ago but my original salesman kept texting me about it so I humoured him and took it out for a drive. He still wouldn't budge on the price... Not that I was going to buy it anyway. There seems...
  3. Shelby surprise?

    They can't win really. Show it with a hardtop and others will complain they're "wasting" a hardtop.
  4. Reservation Deposit Return After Delivery

    The deposit went to your dealer. Not Ford. Discuss this with your dealer. They can either apply it to the purchase or refund it.
  5. DIY How-To: Painting Beadlock Wheel Beauty Ring From Silver to Black (on Badlands Sasquatch)

    Have you had a quote? Expensive or just expensive compared to a spray can. My PC place would do this for 50 or 60 bucks.
  6. White & Black Bronco

    If any Bronco looks like a Flex it's this one.
  7. Even a noob can wire something - installed 5" inch KC lights

    If you live in the city and listen to stations higher on the dial you shouldn't have too much trouble without the antenna. Outside of the city and trying to listen to college radio on 88.1 you'll likely have difficulty.
  8. At my local dealer

    Now I see what the two-door crew sees when they look at the four-door.
  9. Email from Ford and I'm in Canada! $750 off purchase price!

    I'd take it too. I buy most big-ticket items when I travel back to AB. Too bad you can't do it with a vehicle.
  10. Chipped paint putting door back on

    Unless your Bronco has no dirt on the doors I don't like the idea of the bags much. Each time you use them, even with a little dust, you drag it across the paint. That dust and dirt will stay in the bag too. I'm not precious about vehicles but I'd rather just be careful taking them on and off...
  11. First 2021 Bronco solid front axle (SFA) swap + 40's!

    Some sourpusses here. It ain't for me but it ain't my truck.
  12. RIGID x FORD 4" pod lights full install *** DIY VIDEO ***

    Those Ford Performance covers are actually kind of cool.
  13. The Bronco Pickup has been cancelled ❌

    This means I'm officially out. My Tacoma arrives in three weeks and I'll drive that thing off into the sunset. I couldn't wait forever for the regular Bronco. Ordered a Tacoma to tide me over for a few years and hoped a Bronco truck would happen, and, happen to look good. Bronco is great but...
  14. Non-Sasquatch Black Diamond off road review

    A while back I said something similar to someone trashing the stock Base and saying all Broncos need to be "Squatched. " Basically.. If you can't have fun in any Bronco you're either boring, can't drive, or both.
  15. Cannot get any worse, arrived at dealer muddy, damaged, 40 miles on odometer, dealership showroom fire

    "Been off road already" WTF?! I know everyone is precious about. mileage and damage.... But shit happens. Off roading doesn't just happen. Who took it off road? Lucky it wasn't damaged in the fire. Does it smell? That smell is near impossible to get out. You may have the worst luck out...
  16. Does anyone ACTUAL buy a data plan for their trucks WiFi? **8/23 Update**

    Who are you with? What does it cost on either side or both sides of the border?
  17. Eruption Green Bronco 2-Door With White Roof Render

    Ha. I live in the sunniest place in Canada and we've been almost 100 degrees around here for a while. Maybe not as hot as you but I'd still go black top no matter what. But... I don't deal with that heat daily. I also live in one of the places with the biggest yearly temperature swings in the...
  18. Does anyone ACTUAL buy a data plan for their trucks WiFi? **8/23 Update**

    Thanks for this thread. I've never understood wifi in vehicles. I guess with the cost of our Canadian data plans it just doesn't make sense. Getting it to travel in the US could make sense. I'm with Bell and the US travel data plans are ok but I'd be better off with an actual US carrier if I...