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  1. Reconsidering HD mod bumper over aftermarket

    Ah. No worries. I'll get that sorted out eventually, but you're right about it being unavailable for me. Thank you though.
  2. Reconsidering HD mod bumper over aftermarket

    Do you mean the included steel bash plate? It says it's included with the HD mod bumper.
  3. My Bronco finally arrived!

    In that case my wife would have called me predictable and rolled her eyes. Lol.
  4. My Bronco finally arrived!

    I bet you did enjoy that "D" plan. Only kidding, enjoy it and we are all a bit jealous!
  5. Reconsidering HD mod bumper over aftermarket

    Thank you guys. It seems like y'all are echoing my thoughts and I'm glad that it seems like it is FORD TOUGH ha. I'll likely being modifying my order when the MY22 order banks open. Good to see that it is indeed a good bang for the buck. Why think about something when you can overthink it?
  6. Reconsidering HD mod bumper over aftermarket

    I'd like some wisdom. I was going to wait for an aftermarket front and possibly rear bumper for my base Bronco but after looking into the pricing for ones that I only even kind of like, it's double or more than Ford's factory option HD mod bumper. I'm not that picky and don't have anything...
  7. Just wrapped up an extended test drive.

    I thought it was quite smooth and the tires didn't seem loud, barely noticeable really. Hmm. To each their own. But yeah you seem like you don't like it at all. Why get it?
  8. Fender Flare Staining...

    Holy shit. Yeah I'm going to buy a bottle too. Thanks.
  9. Fender Flare Staining...

    Dang they do look pretty bad. I'm surprised as you can't have had it for that long. Is that how Wranglers are too? Good luck. Well to all of us.
  10. Panda Motorworks Ford Bronco BPV Delete Kit

    I can't figure out if the product or the representative is more... What do the kids say? Cringey?
  11. Anyone order through Tomball Ford? Any dealer scumbag tactics there at pick up?

    I have only two impressions of them so far. Their service department was the one that totaled a customer's car getting an oil change and didn't bend over backwards or put them in a loaner right away. There was a thread here on B6G a few months ago about it. That doesn't mean their sales...
  12. Rock Rails, Side Steps, and Sliders.

    That's the second reason out of three I'm considering getting rails with steps! I live in Houston and people don't respect other people's property here all of the time.
  13. Bronco Accessories

    Have you in any way been authorized to sell the Ford and Bronco trademarks? If not you're probably getting a cease and desist letter within a couple weeks. Be careful and make sure things are good to go and good luck!
  14. Help me spec rig for my house in Costa Rica

    I'm less experienced on here (with civilian off roading at least) but that seems like a much better idea. Something more basic and serviceable in the region. You mention needing something kind of narrow and the Bronco is pretty wide and a chonker. Otherwise a Black Diamond Sasquatch sounds...
  15. Extended Warranty For Bronco

    All manufacturers that I know of would never sell a manufacturer extended warranty with "gotcha" language in the past 20-25 years. At least in the last 10-15 years I'd say, the same could be said for any third party extended service contract a dealer chooses to go with. There could be state to...
  16. Extended Warranty For Bronco

    Don't apologize. I worked for Nissan and back up much of what you're saying though I'd like to add that extended service contacts ("warranties") can be discounted. Similar to MSRP for the vehicle. I completely agree that the know it alls in this thread are the same ones that end up saying a...
  17. Dealer Markups Are Getting Some Press

    Hearing stuff like this makes me grateful that I worked for a generally ethical dealership some years ago. Never would we have done something like that to a customer's custom order. I'm glad Granger has been getting positive reviews so I can finally get over my trust issues about this.
  18. Installed my new gloss black bronco badges.

    So pretty! I can't wait to get mine already. Ahhh
  19. Black Plasti-Dip on rear Bronco emblem

    Thank you! I happen to see this other item available which I thought was funny...
  20. Black Plasti-Dip on rear Bronco emblem

    Those three are the same ones I want. What is the part number or how did you get the Bronco script ones? Thank you in advance.