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  1. Display screen will interpret rain / water as finger touches

    No roof and no doors with the carpet flooring / leather seats is a bold decision. Especially going to work with your car sitting in a lot for hours on end. Assuming he didn’t check the forecast that day.
  2. Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    It’s a little premature considering we don’t know all the MY22 details yet, but any unscheduled Wildtraks going to change for the soft top or you going to hold out for the MIC? I personally want both tops for different times of the year, but I interpret the WT soft top option to indicate this...
  3. Eruption Green & Hot Pepper Red Metallic coming for 2022 Bronco. Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue and Rapid Red Going Away

    I’m not a huge fan of reds, but I always thought Rapid Red looked great on the Bronco; far better than Race Red. Very odd choice to bring the hot pepper red to the Bronco. I guess they wanted two reds available, one metallic and one non, but still a shame for Rapid Red. Was a good color. A...
  4. News: 2022 Bronco Wildtrak Will Get Soft Top Standard in MY22

    So.. For anyone that currently has a bad MIC top— As soon as I get my WT with a soft top next year, I will purchase your poor quality MIC top (as a backup for me) when you get your new MIC top replaced.
  5. New 2022 Bronco colors: Hot Pepper Red and Eruption Green. AMB and Rapid Red Dropped for MY2022

    I’m not sure the name of this color but wish they would have this available.
  6. News: 2022 Bronco Wildtrak Will Get Soft Top Standard in MY22

    What a f’n joke. Could’ve done this shit a long time ago for the customers (all while Ford is sending every dealer a WT with soft top). I also interpret this as the MIC debacle will go well into MY22s (as excepted) and Wildtraks are still fucked if you want a MIC for MY22.
  7. The issue no one is talking about. Or is it?
  8. The issue no one is talking about. Or is it?

    So I don’t know about discounts or rebates etc... But what I would want to know is what is Fords plan for preventive and predictive maintenance of these Broncos that will rot in a lot for months on end. Like OP mentioned with water damage/leaks from poor roofs, there’s a long list of things that...
  9. Reservations and special editions

    I’ll start by saying I hope things work out for all of us day 1 reservation guys that got pushed to MY22 and we get ours early next year. (Have to include something positive.) However, I have ZERO expectations that Ford can successfully implement a special edition trim early enough for us...
  10. Fatdaddy

    Bayou Bronco Club

    Never got scheduled. Pretty frustrating but curious to see any true MY22 changes that’ll get me excited. If scheduling will continue through the remainder of the year, I’m considering switching to a BL w/ soft top but no idea if that’ll actually increase my chances or not. I recently moved to a...
  11. Why no soft top for Wildtrak?

    I think since the WT and FE were always supposed to come standard with hard tops and Ford has already decreased the baseline MSRP on these two trims to align with removing the painted black mod top, they do not want to decrease the cost (again) lesser the MIC for soft tops. The soft top ordered...
  12. How many of us are first hour reservations still without a VIN?

    7/13/20 reservation. 4dr WT, leather, LUX, mod bumper + bash, tow. No VIN.
  13. Fatdaddy

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    @TNcoupe @vrtical @KnoxGnater What is the most reputable Ford dealer(s) in the Chattanooga to Knoxville area? Since relocating here I’m trying to gauge the better dealers around here. Im considering reserving another Bronco, completely different build than my current on order, just for a...
  14. Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    I can only imagine they have LUX as well..
  15. A51 4dr Wildtrak Delivery and Future Build

    Did you say anything to the dealer about the mileage? Curious on their (BS) response.
  16. Dual top orders, what are you doing?

    Yes that is correct, however customers cannot order a Wildtrak with a soft top. Customer ordered MY21 and now MY22 Wildtraks are only available with the MIC top. Initially the Wildtrak (and First Edition) came standard with the painted black mod top. However, in Q1 2021 due to the roof...