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  1. Cook's Garage Car Show - Lubbock, TX

    For your viewing pleasure!
  2. Off-Roadeo Texas Stickers

    No, I don't think so. We made it home with both of our bracelets intact. Thanks for checking though!
  3. Bronco spotted being painted grabber blue!!!

    I was hoping for Grabber Blue and a white top from the very beginning!
  4. Matte Green Wrapped 2021 Bronco

    Ok, so let's break this down. OP say's hey all my B6G PEEPS...what do y'all think of this matte green wrap on this Bronco? Although Boston182 took it to another level, 99% of everyone else: Sweet I like it or I dig it man, I don't like it, too military for me, yuck, it's ugly! Your response...
  5. Matte Green Wrapped 2021 Bronco

    Ok Mr. Grumpy pants! Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! Seriously dude it's only a color! Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and say goosefraba three times!
  6. Matte Green Wrapped 2021 Bronco

    No, I dream of driving military vehicles in civilian zones, just to bring your disdain of anything that even hints at a military theme to a level you can't control!
  7. Matte Green Wrapped 2021 Bronco

    Hey it's Rick, the sarcastically intellectual dream killer!
  8. Matte Green Wrapped 2021 Bronco

  9. Matte Green Wrapped 2021 Bronco

    I dig it! Looks sharp!
  10. Pics: Ford Accessory Hood Scoop and Fender Flares by Air Design installed on 2021 Bronco 2-Door Big Bend

    Shoot, why all y'all hatin? That there scoop is guaranteed to reduce the drag coefficient to at least .95 and add at least 10hp!

    I have to read this in Jesse Pinkmans voice!
  12. "My Dealer Said......" Humor Thread

    In my case, it's not so much what they said, it's what they don't say! Their lack of knowledge just floors me! Just this past Saturday I was in the dealership getting the works done on the F150. Started talking to a couple sales people about Off-Rodeo, I start showing them pictures and videos...
  13. Current next step?

    I believe you physically have to go into your dealership and convert your order to a 22. At that time I would get a printout of your order with all options correctly listed and the price for that vehicle. Sign it and get your dealer to sign it as well.

    Murder Nova, Murder Bronco??? Street Outlaws Bronco style. We could race up rocky hills!

    Yep! Work your ass off cleaning it all up and getting it shiny and 14 seconds later that layer of dust shows up! Literally a dust magnet! But for that 14 seconds it's the best looking car on the road!

    That will be sharp! I like black vehicles, but damn they are a PITA to keep clean.
  17. Dealer Markups Are Getting Some Press

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!
  18. Dealer Markups Are Getting Some Press

    CORRECTION: My earlier post stated Grapevine Ford sold a customers Bronco out from under them after marking it up 10k. That was incorrect! The dealer that did that is GRAND PRAIRIE FORD NOT GRAPEVINE FORD!
  19. Dealer Markups Are Getting Some Press

    Ok, checking with the man that gave me the info...waiting on a reply...he just replied. He misspoke, it is Grand Prairie! Editing my post now!
  20. Dealer Markups Are Getting Some Press

    Agreed! It was definitely Grapevine Ford!