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  1. 7/13 Blend Folks

    Fingers crossed I really didn't think they would be any shipping out from DM in Sept, great to see momentum of built & shipped
  2. WILDTRAK Shipped !!!!

    Congrats! what was your blend date?
  3. Canadian Order Tracker Question

    ha ha, oh i'm checking regularly now that there's some movement at DM
  4. Canadian Order Tracker Question

    it was there before the 14th, how long before I don't know this was an 'abandoned' order I managed to pickup a week before production date
  5. Canadian Order Tracker Question

    the tracker works for me, production date and status are updated I did actually have an ETA before DM lockdown
  6. My BD is here but I have to choose between it and my beloved M240i - Help!

    yeah ignore the haters suggest you get your husband some bonding time behind the wheel of the BD then you'll get to keep both
  7. Couldn't wait for my build any longer. Managed to snag a 4 door Badlands off the lot.

    in AB I see most of them listed for MSRP BC was nuts for a bit, like 10-20K over but seem to have come back to MSRP more and more factory orders with soft tops are to be had if your quick enough up here in Canuckistan
  8. Mannequin NO SHOW

    lol just another reason to hug your local dealer
  9. Ooopsie! Door Damage

    That sucks, but fortunate your neighbor owns a shop! good to see taking it in stride
  10. Biggest Bronco6G Rockstar, Can You Dig It?

    @Rick Astley to the curtesy phone please
  11. 🍍🍕🍺- It's a SIGN! Expecting good things!

    it needs to be sacrificed to fullfill the prophecy
  12. Bestop site now showing 2021 Bronco Top Options

    uggghhhhh...I want that sunrider update - there's lots of authorized reseller/installer in Canada
  13. Installed Katzkin custom leather seat covers in Big Bend interior

    that looks awesome! katzkins are great
  14. Black Diamond on The Outer Banks

    great pics....check great write up....check 2 door....check VB....check doing what the bronco was made for....check OP got it going on thanks for sharing