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  1. Mountain bikes in the back

    I plan on reusing my Kuat Transfer with a hitch extension to clear the spare.
  2. Bronco Font ??? Closest I could find.
  3. (Sing-song)Someone's in trouble...

    I'd find out the cost of it sell it back to Ford with a $10k mark up.
  4. Mudflaps might be a good idea

    Just leaving from Red Cliffs to the trailhead had me cringing from the noise of rocks littering the side of the vehicle.
  5. VIN but not built, Any guesses as to when I may see my Bronco?

    Call your dealer. They will have the most up to date timeframe. I never had any updates from Ford after my 7/26 build date other than the we'll let you know in October email. See my dates in my signature block. As of today I'm 7 October. 🤞
  6. Even Without Special Off-Road Packages, the New Bronco is a Beast on Trail! - Two Takes

    If it can't tackle a 4/10 (Moab Rated) trail its far from beastly. The stock Badlands was rubbing and banging on ledges on the Dome Plateau trail the SAS Broncos cleared with ease.
  7. 📬 9/16 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    Possibly, I have a 10/7 build date for my Hardtop. I was 9/27 up until today.
  8. 40 lb. Standard Load (SL) Tire vs. 48 lb. E Rated Tire

    I'm running E rated 285/80R17s Falken Wildpeaks AT3w's on my half ton truck and I never tow. They ride just fine and have no more noise than a factory AT tire would. Once the factory Sasquatch tires are crap I'll be getting Wildpeaks again. Huge fan of them over the KO2s.
  9. Off-Rodeo costs... What am I missing here

    Well when you consider it costs $300-400 to rent a lifted Rubicon in Moab (unguided) I think the Moab Off Roadeo was worth every penny.
  10. Not so "Xtreme" Recon Rubicon first delivery.

    I'm throwing down almost $30k. Losing a $1000 sucks but I'll be saving about $4k by keeping the Bronco over the Jeep. The Jeep order was a knee jerk reaction. I knew I screwed up about a week after I ordered when I did the Moab Off-Roadeo.
  11. Not so "Xtreme" Recon Rubicon first delivery.

    Jeep was smart by using the 392 Rubicon at the debut in Chicago when they announced the Xtreme Recon Package. It made all the morons like myself assume it was going to have a great suspension over the stock rubicon.
  12. Not so "Xtreme" Recon Rubicon first delivery.

    They require a $1000 down in order to place an order. "Non-Refundable" I ordered the Jeep the day I got the email from Ford saying we'll update you in two months.
  13. Not so "Xtreme" Recon Rubicon first delivery.

    I don't want anyone to feel bad for me. If anything don't be a dumbass like me and order a Jeep.
  14. Not so "Xtreme" Recon Rubicon first delivery.

    Well since Dec 2019 when I was on the market for a new vehicle I've had to rebuild my heads on my GMC because GM's Active Fuel Management is trash and likes to hold lifters open which turns into valves slapping pistons. That was about a $3100 repair job. Then I had to replace the fuel pump...
  15. Not so "Xtreme" Recon Rubicon first delivery.

    Big difference between a Basesquatch and a Rubicon.
  16. Not so "Xtreme" Recon Rubicon first delivery.

    $56,795. I kept it basic as hell. Stock bumpers, stereo, cloth seats but did get the painted top.
  17. Not so "Xtreme" Recon Rubicon first delivery.

    Well when I had a several build dates in the summer turn into "we'll let you know in October" I got sick of waiting. I've been ready to purchase a new car since Dec 2019. Waited for the Bronco reveal and decided to get it and well I don't think I need to tell you how amazing this launch has been.