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  1. I still haven’t seen a single Bronco out in public

    I haven't seen any. My wife, however, keeps sending me photos of them when she spots them in the wild. Last week, one apparently showed up in the parking garage at her work. She says it's there every day, now.
  2. Off-Roadeo is great, the guides are even better

    That's a very touching story. I can truly understand your loss. I'm curious how they knew about what you have been through, though. Like, how did they know?
  3. Ford Shelby Bronco rendered

    Wife saw this and asked if it got stung by a bee. It looks like it's having an allergic reaction. :P
  4. Wife not impressed - dream may be dead

    Have you considered a new wife? #thedreamliveson #itsajoke
  5. Last 2021 VIN when?

    Can't imagine there are too many more. I'd say next week or the following.
  6. Interior falling apart

    My thoughts... Get out of my brian!
  7. Interior falling apart

    Hopefully the rest of the clip isn't stuck up in there and you can have it replaced, it's covered under warranty.
  8. (Sing-song)Someone's in trouble...

    And you get a tester! And you get a tester! And you...
  9. Interior falling apart

    Yeah, I'm seeing that now. That's a shame, really. I'm trading illusions for facts. No trade backs. :(
  10. Interior falling apart

    Did it actually break break or was it just not seated into the mount fully and vibrate off?
  11. Bought a Bronco Sport Base.

    Pay "fair" market adjustment on it?
  12. MIC 2.0 Top on "Dirt Mountain" Broncos Spotted @ MAP

    Is the 2.0 top a different shade of gray from the 1.0?
  13. Off-Roadeo Austin - Any tips/pointers?

    If you're going to be recording ask the guests behind you in the caravan if they'd record video of you, for you. We were second and recorded our friend in front of us and had the couple behind us record our obstacles. We had another friend fourth in line record the couple that was recording...
  14. Velocity Blue with Ridergraphix Retro White 'Special Decor" Style Stripes!! [Paired with white painted roof]

    I feel like you Dave Sinclair Fords Custom Shop missed a real opportunity here by not painting those beauty rings white. Would have tied it all together, like new clean kicks.
  15. Bronco Order Tracker Broken?

    Poof! the Magic Bronco lived in your dreams, And frolicked in the parking lot in a land called Dirt Mounteen Little tehjukebox loved that rusty Poof! And checked his VIN e'ry day... until it went away Oh, POOF! the magic Bronco lived in your dreams...
  16. Just wrapped up an extended test drive.

    Couldn't help but notice you didn't actually answer the question. :unsure: :devilish:
  17. Cappy

    North Texas Bronco Club

    That first pic is a beaut!
  18. 67 Designs Dash Mount on Bronco

    What ever happened to the 1913 rail they had planned? I'd like to see a rail with flush mounts along the edges of the dash so there aren't too many obstructions. Otherwise, nice find, let us know how that works out for you. (y)
  19. What is a leveler valve?

    That's a part for a semi-truck's air suspension. Ruxer sells parts for big rigs.