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  1. First edition left in the woods. (Stuck in Park)

    Man, OP, that just sucks. When this happened before, did you contact your dealership service department or anything? @WuNgUn seems to have a good suggestion, although he points it out rather crudely :) If the drop in center console trick does indeed work, I'd still take it in. No way is...
  2. Moving On

    Hey, just want to be clear, we're good man. I've read your posts since you joined and I respect your perspective on many areas. It's a forum, so we can debate a little and help each other make more sense, then others learn from the discussion. To the OPs post, I was being cheeky, but don't...
  3. Moving On

    You’ve been around here long enough to CLEARLY understand that by need, I meant due to the fact that the Bronco and Badlands no less is a purpose built off rorder with little use as anything else very well. The Macan is a sports car of sorts, which is what he needed/wanted to complement what...
  4. Moving On

    A Macan? :cautious: Happy trails man. :) Seems you didn't need a Bronco to begin with, but appreciate your being honest with yourself and leaving the off roaders to those who'll hopefully you know...... go off road. Macan is a very nice drive for an SUV.
  5. Interior falling apart

    If the only thing that breaks is a speaker grill, you're doing very good. Ford can order another and send to you in no time. Or, upgrade to some good Pioneer or Kenwood speakers and keep it moving while waiting on that new cover.
  6. 🦖 Bronco Raptor Officially Confirmed and Teased by Ford!

    Don’t like that “FORD“ grille, but mostly wonder what the powerplant will be in this thing. The regular V6 already is thirsty as hell and it also isn’t at all fast or quick. If this Raptor (like Warthog much better) is any more powerful and sounds like it, what are we talking, 12mpg? Haven’t...
  7. SCAM ALERT: Unsolicited private messages / conversations asking you to email someone for parts!

    Like many of you, when that warning message from Doug popped up I thought "Man! why in the world did Doug send me to detention (this time)?? :oops:!!!" Ha!:LOL: This is a good heads up. So many of us are eager and having a time finding almost anything while we nest for the arrival of our...
  8. MadMan4BamaNATL

    Georgia Bronco

    Finally came today. Smaller and thinner than I thought it would be, but claims to hold 400lbs. Still wonder what toy is coming that’s 22lbs?
  9. MadMan4BamaNATL

    Georgia Bronco

    My shipment still says pending, so it's pretty much just like the actual Bronco for me. :)
  10. MGV seats - Why are the sides of front seats carpeted???

    Some dude early in the thread. Maybe not credible, but hope springs...... 😊
  11. MGV seats - Why are the sides of front seats carpeted???

    Agree with you here after seeing these pics. I'd prefer there not be any carpet at all in my Badlands. Not that I want to take a full force hose of water to my interior, but my Bronco will be very dusty; a lot, so not having to clean carpet material is ideal. Hope that guy who wrote that...
  12. 2022 Bronco new interior choices?

    I’ll take the Nintendo or any other light colored interior. Where all the wheelers at? I find it hard to accept that anyone who actually wants an all black interior on an off roader has ever wheeled off road. Last thing you’d ever want out West or down South; hell, maybe even Pac NWest is a...
  13. Eruption Green Bronco 2-Door With White Roof Render

    Ohh god that sounds hot! 🥵 I know you’re up in Canadia and all, but from down here in Georgia, I’d just die. 😌 White top is my favorite and all and think it’s classic, but do like body color in the lighter shades. Heat deflection is on of the main reasons that I like this green, but can’t...
  14. Eruption Green Bronco 2-Door With White Roof Render

    Love this render with the light or unpainted beauty ring. Nothing wrong with this shade of green at all; very classic Defender. I’m looking at it sort of like black in that it’ll pick up a ton of scratches. Good thing is unlike black, I think this green will look awesome when dirty, dusty...
  15. New 2022 Bronco colors: Hot Pepper Red and Eruption Green. AMB and Rapid Red Dropped for MY2022

    I'll take this color and the Bronco that goes along with it. Great goodness. I'm having Gov Cuomo thoughts about violations with this Bronco; quite fetching. 🥰😘
  16. New 2022 Bronco colors: Hot Pepper Red and Eruption Green. AMB and Rapid Red Dropped for MY2022

    If Ford were to be "more" stupid and drop Area 51, I'd be beyond pissed as its the only color I'd like with the MIC top in that terrible black/gray. I would go for the green, but only with a white top! Want my goddamn white top!!! :mad: Ford; you fuckers! 😒
  17. Animosity toward IFS offroader

    All you guys is so damn smart n shit. 😌
  18. Bestop TrekTop Soft Top & Bimini install (and hardtop removal) video by TFL

    Those guys have found ways to throw some shade at Bronco in EVERY video released. Tommy loves to give lip service to "not being a Jeep fanboy", but he's a liar and the truth ain't in him. :) He's been wheeling Wranglers his entire life, so I get it. I joke on it, but ultimately think it...
  19. Let the next topic of fun begin! What options will be available for 2022 build?

    If Ford can do it and if they want to be fully forgiven for the mess that is 2021, they'd shock me with a white top! Keep Area 51 as a color, offer a dark shade of green, and that alone would be big. ManSquatch would be a welcome addition for many so I'll hope that manifests as well.
  20. Bestop TrekTop Soft Top & Bimini install (and hardtop removal) video by TFL

    Not sure who makes the standard soft top, but that offering from Bestop looks much better and somehow smaller. That fold back seems to raise a bit high, but maybe that's to be expected with a retracting soft top. The videos from Roman and Tommy debating the merits of the Bronco have been...